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Sunday, August 12, 2012


August 12, 2012

From my April 22, 2012 article (“Spiritual Metaphysics”) and my August 3, 2012 article (“Heart Consciousness”), the words of Owen Waters (www.infinitebeing.com): The higher aspect of heart consciousness is the first stage of spiritual awareness. It is here that, as a principle, the good of the many is recognized as being more important than immediate benefits to the self. This leads to a sense of service where the person wants to help ensure that the best is available to everyone. . . .”  Since I’m sharing those words on this site for the third time, one can correctly assume that I subscribe 100% to them.

I wrote to a majorly awake and aware supporter recently:  “It seems to me that it's getting to be darn near impossible to avoid writing anything or sharing things that might put people into fear. How else are they going to wake up and become aware of what is going on behind the scenes except by putting two and two together? People cannot do that if they don't have enough information.”

The supporter had written:  “There is very little that I can see that is anything other than malevolent non-humans in the frame"  (expressing that there don’t seem to be any benevolent extraterrestrials intervening on behalf of humans in this time frame at this level of existence).  And, "maybe the benevolent aliens genuinely operate on the basis of free will, and we must ask for their help."  I responded:  “So we're told, but I sometimes wonder. Recently, I had one of my unseen supporters inform me, yet again, that they can't help unless they know what I want.” 

Supporter had also written: "If ET's were really interested, they would solve the overcrowding, starvation, monetary/debt slavery, health, and much more, as they are all easily solvable if we change the greed/service-to-self factor. I think about these issues such as poverty, environmental issues, and debt at a global level on earth, and it shocks me that we can’t resolve the transnational issues. This could be a beautiful planet, but it is a hellhole, and designed that way."   My Response: “For sure, it sometimes seems the extraterrestrials (off-world beings) aren’t interested in so doing. I'll even go so far as to say that maybe, just maybe, they're part of the plan for the testing and strengthening of souls (something others have speculated), but I'm not 100% on board with that opinion."

I commented further:  “I think that it's entirely possible, if not probable, that the Founders/Guardian Races originally had that ‘hands off’ policy (as some of us have been informed) while humanity evolves in this ‘earth laboratory,’ but had a change of heart/plans and have sent in agents to upset the apple cart of the reptilian controllers and their cohorts who interfered with the plan. I consider myself, living in this body, one of those agents. Suicide missions possibly--at least for some. Yes, definitely! Of course, there are beautiful blessings in this space-time. And there are opportunities for my own evolution. You know, we living as humans have a tendency to dramatize and complicate when simplicity might be closer to truth/reality. From my work and research during my awakening and evolving via this body, every human body-mind unit is being occupied by several souls--some of different genres (and this is “normal”). They all influence the life of the human in various ways. As with all soul mind and body mind partnerships, sometimes words and actions come more from the body mind (personality), and other times from the soul minds.  Someone with sufficient education and experience (such as my own self) can discern the differences in people one interacts with at length over a lengthy period of time.

Any unseen life form/spirit can be characterized by its behaviors/actions and its intent, the latter of which isn't always obvious. I also discern by the vibes and how my heart feels when sensing or interacting with an unseen ones/spirits--just as I do with humans. There are those who would say the malevolent unseen ones/spirits are great at masking their true nature and intentions (just as some humans). Well, I can discern unseen ones/spirits just as I can discern humans/spirits--by how they feel to me, their vibrations. I've told unseen ones trying to engage me in communication to first reveal their energy. If they don't, enough said!  When they do, and it is love or something similar and high vibration, I know it. I will clarify this by revealing that it wasn’t always the case, and I was majorly deceived by a few people over several years. I learned the hard way!  I’ve always been able to learn more by experiencing than hearing or even reading.

Years of research and observations have shown me that reptilian souls, who are one of many types of souls inhabiting human body-mind units with other souls (body sharing), have not compassion for the poor, the hungry, the sick, etc.--unless it serves their selfish selves, and then they claim or act as if that they do. I'm referring to people I've interacted with (and those majorly possessed, occupied, and used by reptilian controllers do not resonate with me at all) and also people well known on the national and international scene.  (However, the reptilian souls are “good guys” when compared to the draconian souls, who are dark side renegades and smaller in number on this planetary sphere.)

There are degrees of spiritual awakening. It’s not an either-or thing.  Recently, I have become even more baffled and amazed at how so many souls in this country (USA) do not seem awake and aware at all--or minimally so ( such as feeling a little guilt when thinking badly of the poor and needy). It's another reason for me to want to "shake the dust off my feet."

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