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Wednesday, August 01, 2012


August 1, 2012

I have posted several other articles on this site which include information on oversouls and souls. You can use the search mechanism to find them or just scan back through the archives. You will read about why I use the pronoun “we” so often near the end of this article.

A supporter recently sent me the link to an article he had found when doing an Internet search.  It is BJ King’s story of walking/downloading into her body as an adult (known as a soul exchange, among other things). Her web site is www.namasteconsciousness.org.   She reports her husband told her, “You’re not the person I married,” and attempted to have her placed in a mental institution before their divorce (allowed in some states of the USA), but mental health professionals deemed her sane. You wouldn’t believe how many of us have been told, “You’re not the person I married”!   I began collecting the published articles of other “walkins” many years ago—as a means of defending my sanity should the need arise.  At this point (and I awoke in this body about 1985), it probably is no longer necessary, but I enjoy reading them nonetheless. 

As is the case with many walk-in stories, this one has useful information--even for people who aren’t themselves walk-ins.  I decided that now might be a good time to post yet another article on the subject.  My reality differs a wee bit from BJ King’s reality, although it’s probably mostly semantics. Nevertheless, I will share some excerpts here, and recommend you go to her site to read more. 

My reality (and that of some others who have published on the subject of Souls and Oversouls over the years) is that an Oversoul creates twelve souls of its own essence, and each of the twelve souls separates into twelve aspects aka facets (called Soul extensions). These aspects/facets can fragment due to trauma and for other reasons which may or may not benefit the soul.

BJ King:  “It is my understanding from Spirit that once a person makes a decision that they no longer want to live, whether they deliberately attempt to take their life or not, they become a candidate for a walk-in.  A walk-in never happens without the consent, at the soul level, of both aspects of the Oversoul [Soul in my reality].”   BJ writes that sometimes another aspect downloads/overlays/overlights temporarily to assist the aspect/facet in residence, and that can be enough to make the walk-in unnecessary.  “When the Oversoul [Soul in my reality] feels the aspect is stable, the additional energy [aspect/facet] is withdrawn, and the life continues according to the original plan.  If, however, the original aspect does not stabilize, the second energy [aspect/facet] stays and plans are made at the level of the Oversoul [Soul in my reality] for either a soul merger, soul braiding, or soul exchange (walk-in) to take place. Ultimately a decision may be made to use the body as a composite.”  [In my reality, uniting the aspects of the soul (which BJ terms oversoul) is in preparation for ascension and naturally happens as part of the ascension process. When performing a Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, we often ask how many aspects of the Soul are downloaded into the body—and twelve being the entire soul.] 

BJ King: “Each case is different. When a “soul merger” occurs, both aspects of the Oversoul [Soul in my reality] remain in the body. . . . The incoming entity [soul facet/aspect] becomes the dominant force in the body. . . . In these cases, the soul facets braid their consciousness together. There is no walk-out. In the case of the soul exchange, the Walk-in always comes from the same Oversoul, and there is always a walk-out, when the original soul aspect returns to the Oversoul for reassignment. In the case of soul merger and soul braiding there is no walk-out.” [I don’t like to use words like “always” or “never,” and the walk-in probably doesn’t always come from the same Soul or, as BJ calls it, Oversoul, but probably does come from the same Oversoul group.]

Additional aspects/facets, BJ continues, “occasionally overlight [overlay] the body to teach, to write, to perform, or to accomplish artwork or inventions.  In other situations, it is agreed that several aspects will combine their energies to integrate into the body to accomplish a larger mission, planned by the Spiritual Hierarchy.  When a Walk-in agrees to be used by the Spiritual Hierarchy as a composite, additional aspects merge with the body over a longer period of time. . . . The body is then capable of being utilized by a group mind [a group of beings within the Spiritual Hierarchy who have a plan to assist humanity]. . . . An assigned Ascended Master from the Spiritual Hierarchy sponsors the body with energy and knowledge.  An Ascended Master is a being who has advanced spiritually to the point they are no longer required to reincarnate into a physical body. They serve humanity from a higher dimension, influencing energetically, telepathically, and intuitively the events taking place on Earth with humanity’s permission. . . .”

Now we come to the main reason I wanted to post this article.  When I refer to myself as "we," I'm referring to we the Soul or we the Oversoul Group, depending on which aspect is communicating at any given time and with what specific intent. All twelve aspects of the Soul, are accessing this body instrument at this time (soul united). I was given over a decade ago that all the soul aspects were being united in preparation for ascension. There were eleven of us for several years, and now there are all twelve of us.  However, it doesn't mean there are always clear-cut rotations as mentioned in the full article of BJ King. The input is "constant." The interactions are continuous.  Again, on the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, we ask how many aspects/facets of the soul are downloaded.  Had a pleasant surprise several weeks ago when we discovered another person with all twelve aspects/facets of her soul united through her body. She had written for my opinion about a cosmic experience she had with golden light  (which I discerned was an initiation) and decided to get the Basic Analysis (rather than the In-Depth Analysis).  After reading of her gold light experience, I shouldn’t have been surprised to find all aspects/facets of that soul are united for ascension. It’s just that we rarely come across these among people who undergo an Analysis. The next process for united souls is ascending into oneness with the Oversoul, as will the eleven other souls created by the Oversoul.

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