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Monday, September 03, 2012


September 1, 2012

I don’t go to movies (too loud) or watch much television (not much of interest on basic cable), but when searching the Internet to refresh my memory, expand my knowledge, and obtain clarity on various subjects, I’ve found that it seems a lot of theoretical physics, string theory, etc. is found in movies and television programs. On the one hand, this does begin to open the mind of the average person who hasn’t read and studied physics; on the other, it tangles reality and theories, fiction and nonfiction. And who is to determine what is reality and what isn’t?  One person’s fiction can be another person’s reality. I’m one of those cosmic individuals who has memories of personal experiences considered fiction by  the average person. 

Reading a short discussion of timelines in a recent newsletter of Tom T. Moore  (http://thegentlewaybook.com), led to me spending some time doing some Internet research. (Don’t you just love the Internet?!)  Tom questions one of his sources named Gaia, which seems to be “earth consciousness” and sometimes Sun, apparently a “sun consciousness,” as well as a few others.  He answers questions of followers and his own questions, and shares the information in his newsletter. He also shares the results people have reported using a “Most Benevolent Outcome” prayer request—these mainly in a blog but also some in his newsletters. Very inspiring! Check out Tom’s site for more information.  Recently, Tom briefly revisited the subject of timelines with Gaia because of a question from a workshop participant. He asks, “Gaia/Earth, am I correct in understanding that it is not just one solid earth and 12 Time Line frequencies, or am I mistaken?”  Gaia/Earth responded: “No, you are correct, Tom. There have to be 12 of me you might say. All of life you see, to try and put it in language you and your readers will understand, is simply energy, which can be manipulated by Creator to have any appearance IT wishes. You really enter the realm of quantum physics here, Tom, and it becomes more difficult to understand; but for your purposes, there are 12 earths and not just one with 12 sets of the same beings. If there can be 12 sets of the same beings, then it must be obvious that there can be 12 earths too, simply at different frequencies.”

Aha! Until I read this, I had not connected the twelve aspects of our multidimensional soul selves (with which I’ve been aware of for years) with timelines, which was why I did some searching on the Internet. The concept of parallel lives/universes  (different timelines) is labeled fiction by Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.com): "A parallel universe or alternate reality is a hypothetical or fictional self-contained separate reality coexisting with one's own. A specific group of parallel universes is called a "multiverse"--although this term can also be used to describe the possible parallel universes that constitute reality. While the terms parallel universe and alternative reality are generaly synonymous and can be used interchangeably in most cases, there is sometimes an additional connotation implied with the term alternative reality that implies that the reality is a variant of our own. The term parallel universe is more general, without any connotations implying a relationship, or lack of relationship, with our own universe. A universe where the very laws of nature are different–for example, one in which there are no relativistic limitations and the speed of light can be exceeded–would in general count as a parallel universe but not an alternative reality. The correct quantum mechanical definition of parallel universes is: universes that are separated from each other by a single quantum event." Some of us don’t consider timelines and parallel universes fiction—based on our own experiences and those of others.

Found the following at www.hubpages.com:  "Are parallel time lines the same thing as parallel universes? Well in M Theory the astrophysicists classify the parallel time line as a type of parallel universe. Then for each parallel universe that has the structure of time included in it, they have their own set of parallel time lines. In this paradigm your life is almost like one of those novelty static electricity balls. It is like that because every time you make a choice that leads you off in a direction where you had a split decision, it creates a new timeline." Also found: "In theoretical physics, M-theory is an extension of string theory in which 11 dimensions are identified. Because the dimensionality exceeds the dimensionality of superstring theories in 10 dimensions, proponents believe that the 11-dimensional theory unites all five string theories (and supersedes them). Though a full description of the theory is not known, the low-entropy dynamics are known to be supergravity interacting with 2- and 5-dimensional membranes."  I’ve found here and in other readings in the past that some claim there are twelve dimensions and some claim there are eleven—including in channelled or downloaded information.

There is a discussion of timelines in Tom T. Moore’s past newsletters that I recommend.  Part 1 is in the July 26, 2008 newsletter. Part 2 is in the August 1, 2008 newsletter. Part 3 is in the August 8, 2008 newsletter.  Those who are interested in the concept/reality of timelines and parallel universes will find it interesting.  In addition, reading on the site of Suzan Caroll, www.multidimensions.com, can be captivating. Take what you can use and just file the rest away in your computer brain for future reference.

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