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Sunday, October 14, 2012


October 11, 2012

John Fugelsang:  If you don’t want tax dollars helping the sick and poor, then it’s time to stop saying you want a government based on Christian values.

I shared a photo of John Fugelsang with these words on Facebook.  Here’s one response:  Of course our tax dollars should "help others". What is the definition of "help"? If help is defined as assisting a person(s) families for a time while these who need assistance are doing everything they legally can to not need the assistance anymore then sure! If however, the "help" means assisting a person(s) families indefinitely without these people who are receiving the assistance doing anything to move from the assistance then NO WAY. There is a clear line between help and then enabling. We all should be willing to help, but enabling someone to live without that person doing anything to become productive is totally WRONG! Help ceases to be help when the person receiving the help is doing nothing to use the help to change attitudes/habits in so that they do not need the help anymore. In fact people receiving the help should work in a way so that when they are no longer receiving the help, so then in turn, help others. This is my opinion.

Here’s my response:  And who is going to judge who "deserves" assistance? Certainly not me! Safeguards are in place, but just like with anything else, there are always things/people who slip through the cracks. People are different. There are some needs that aren't easily discernible. It's similar to the handicapped parking place judgments. Just because someone doesn't look disabled or handicapped, doesn't mean they aren't dealing with issues with which  close-in parking helps. And it's similar to the attempts to require photo IDs in various states in order to vote when there is little, if any, evidence of voter fraud in those states. And in Texas, getting a state photo ID means long lines and hours waiting in most major cities because of cutbacks (not to mention the cost). But first people without automobiles have to get there, which can take hours there and back--if they are on bus lines. And there are the sick and very elderly who no longer drive but still want to vote. Love, compassion, nonjudgment, assistance, handouts AND  then hands up--training, educating, providing jobs as happened in the 1930s here in the USA.   In some nations that we call socialized (and people in more than one of those nations call themselves civilized rather than socialized), every able bodied person is put to work according to their knowledge and skills. (And I’m not referring to communism here, where people are treated like slaves of the power that be.) 

Feed the hungry, house the homeless, heal the sick. Those are the real Christian values. Judging others without knowing them is not following Jesus Christ. And I would add:  Educate, train, hire and put to work!

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