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Thursday, October 11, 2012


October 11, 2012


There have been some challenges in recent weeks.  Some times, it can be difficult to ascertain specifically what is causing a situation or circumstances—even for people like me who are familiar with ways to do that.  I confess that there are times when I get lazy and avoid “going deep” to get answers.

One can contemplate and ruminate and still not find a satisfactory answer/cause.  In such cases, some people contact a spiritual healer, such as my own self, or other professionals.  If one has no means to donate for services or pay the fees, there are some basic things one can do on one’s own that can provide breakthroughs.  We’ve shared some of these in articles over the last eight years (as well as via email and in consultations and sessions).  For most people, it seems to be nearly impossible to remember what one learns about assisting one’s own self.  That is why many people write the information in notebooks or print copies of information from the Internet. 

When working in the kitchen today, wondering “why” about some things, and deciding to “get serious” about discovering causes of some situations and circumstances, it occurred to me to do something very simple, and I said aloud, “I Am opening to money now.”  Plain and simple. That’s it.  Immediately there was a noticeable shift in my frequencies.  For a reason I won’t reveal, I said, “I Am opening to love now.”  (I’m not referring to Divine Love here.)  Another shift in my energies!  So then I was on a roll, so to speak, and added, slowly and purposefully, “I Am opening to an automobile now.”  It’s not like I haven’t done this before.  It just hadn’t occurred to me in a while.  Thank you Guardian Angels and Divine Spirit!

The word “love” has several connotations and is almost magical when applied in this way, and it is recommended first and foremost above all else.  There have been some trust issues for me this lifetime, so “I Am opening to trust now” is a good statement for me.  Nothing wrong with opening to material goods.  I added, “I Am opening to a new laptop computer now” (because it’s time to replace it and upgrade, and the laptop is my only computer, and don’t want a desktop).  Finally, I stated, “I Am opening to a flat screen television now” (because I want to drop cable  and use an antenna without a digital converter). I don’t watch much television (mostly news), and I’d rather not have to pay $30 or so a month for cable television. 

Some other ideas have come to mind, such as, “Divine Grace” and “blessings and miracles.”  I’m going to make a list for daily practice! So what are you opening to now?

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Angel-Light Love
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