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Friday, January 11, 2013


January 13, 2013
A human body-mind unit is a complete animal/mammal with a personality (aka ego) and functional even without a soul. Some human body-mind units are more developed than others. The human body-mind unit has a consciousness all its own. When a soul consciousness merges with the human body mind, there is a change in both.

Concerning the Soul, to describe it simply, there are Creators assigned to this planet who create Oversouls, who each create Souls from their essence (said to be twelve), who each create Soul Selves (again, twelve) from their essence, who download/extend into human body-mind units to experience living in human body-mind units as planned.  A Soul Self can live in more than one body at a time.  As many as four concurrent embodiments have been found by researchers, but it is more common to find one or two. These are called parallel lives. This is one reason soul lives exploration can find overlapping lives. If one considers the Soul group or even the full Oversoul family, there can be found many lives to explore. Soul Selves can fragment/split as a result of trauma and be found living in different bodies.

When doing an Analysis, we the Angel-Light Team measure most things in 5-point increments. When you read the report, keep in mind the words "at this time," because many things change over a lifetime. And some contaminants return over time by virtue of living at this dense level of existence. Also resist the temptation to make assumptions and comparisons. Just consider the facts to be facts--no more, no less. And remember that there are degrees of everything; it's not either-or. Plus, 100% isn't necessarily the goal and 50% can be the goal for wellbeing in various items.

We gather information on the individual Soul Self embodied when doing the Analysis, unless otherwise indicated, determining the percentage of the Soul Self embodied as the person undergoing analysis, the percentage of the soul in other bodies, the percent of the soul at home, and the number of parallel lives. We get the entrance frequency and current frequency of the Soul Self  (range of 200 to 1,000 GHz). We want to know if the merkaba is intact and how much it is activated, and it is usually more activated in the young (who arrived not so long ago) and the elderly (who are preparing to leave the body to return home). There are exceptions, which we won’t go into here. We determine the polarity of the embodiment, and neutral is the goal for all (rather than negative or positive). We get the percentage of activation of the soul signature and internal soul template. Among other things, these give an idea of how active the soul is in the current embodiment. We find the consciousness level of the individual embodiment receiving analysis (using a scale of 1 to 1,000). We want to know if the Soul Self embodied carries the energy signature of a Starseed Walkin or a Soulkeeper. Much information on the former is available on the Internet (which doesn’t necessary mean it is all 100% true and correct). We often find disembodied soul selves and facets and fragments attached to the energy of a Soulkeeper because they recognize the energy signature and want assistance.

We use a list to determine the Soul’s purpose/path and main goals for this embodiment. We search for the main themes of the life. We want to know how much the soul’s goals for this embodiment are sabotaged, and how much of that is self-sabotage.

We investigate to determine if there are facets of the Soul Self stuck in the void (needing release and retrieval). There is not enough space in this document to go into the causes here. We are now finding and reporting the number of lives the Soul as a whole has lived in human embodiment on earth in the last 2,000, 5,000, and 10,000 linear years, and the number of balancing lives remaining.

We look for other beings hosted by the body, which we call “units of consciousness” and “lifestreams” (interchangeably) and count the number of each of these, which we label: ET Humanoid, ET Reptilian, ET Draconian, ET Insectoid, Elemental (including fairies and elves), Angel (of various genres), Cetacean, and Other.  We count the number of major/main personalities and minor/sub personalities. (Everyone has multiple, which is normal.  When there are too many with differing preferences, and the functioning of the person is negatively impacted, it becomes dis-ease.  Optimal/maximum integration is always in order.)

It’s fun for the recipient of the Analysis if we provide information on how psychic, intuitive, telepathic, empathetic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient the person is, and we measure these in percentages.

The average person has 45% free will, and we check to see how much free will there is.  It’s beneficial for the individual to know how much he/she is currently living by the will of the ego/personality, the soul, and the will of others.  Others can be other beings hosted by the body or friends or family or employers.  We want to know the percentage of suppression by outside influences.  People like to find how spiritually attuned they actually are.

We often find people carrying around 1,000 lbs. of psychic and emotional weight, when under 100 lbs. is preferred.. Many people feel instant shifts when the excess is released and cleared. We measure how much pressure the individual is under and prefer this to be under 100 lbs.

We check to see if the person is ungrounded and how much.  It’s useful to find how grounded one is to the New Earth and to the Old Earth (3D) grid.  The average body has 25% of original species DNA.  We find some with less, which means more so-called extraterrestrial DNA.  The existing species has been genetically altered many times over the course of this earth cycle.  The frequency range of DNA measures 54 to 78 GHz, and we measure that. Usually, the higher the DNA frequency, the more developed the human body-mind unit.  We measure the strength of the life force, the physical immune system, and the spiritual immune system.  We check to see if the morphogenetic field is damaged and determine how much. Far too often, we find the energy body more permeable than optimal, which is 25%.

It is important to know if there is any missing energy and if it is available for retrieval (and it almost always is).  We check to see if the radius of the energy field is 55’ or more and measure the frequency of the energy field, with 750 GHz being the goal.  We measure the electromagnetic system, with 50-50 being balanced, and that is not often found at any given time.  We check for damaged templates and damaged circuits and for shortcircuits in the electromagnetic body.  We measure the light quotient, with 80% or more being the goal.

We look to see if there is a soul cord braid and whether it is helpful or harmful.  We won’t go into the reasons for soul cord braids here.  We want to know if the soul cord is corrupted and contaminated and how much, and if the soul cord pathway is blocked and how much.  We want to know if the central vertical channel is corrupted and contaminated and how much.

There are many energy wheels/chakras in the energy body, and we check to see how clear they are overall.  We examine the root chakra, the sacral center, the spleen chakra, the solar plexus, the heart chakra, the thymus chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye/ajna center, the crown chakra, and the transpersonal chakras (plural) for degree of corruption and contamination.  We check to see if they are 50% or more activated, which is healthy.  The exception is that in normal beta consciousness of day-to-day living, the third eye/ajna center functions at 35% or less.  We look to see if there are any cords in the crown and transpersonal chakras that are interfering with Divine light downloads.

We check the astral/emotional, etheric/spiritual, and mental energy bodies to see how corrupted and contaminated they are.  We like to find this at 15% or less.  It’s important for these to be aligned sufficiently with the physical body so as to prevent  intrusions.  We look for overlays on the person (positive, and usually Divine light overlays) and for overshadows, which are negative in nature.

All people have negative programs installed for various reasons—some in line with the soul's plan, but many not.  A manageable range is from 200 to 300 running at any given time.  We sometimes find people with around 1,000.  We want to know how many of these negative programs running are fear programs.  It’s useful for one to know how many reversals of various types one is currently experiencing.  We look for negative spirals in the individual’s energy and also dark energy signatures.  (There are many types of things that can be seen in the energy that we don’t include in the Analysis, because it is already sufficiently detailed and lengthy.)

We check how much of the person’s consciousness is controlled by demonic energies, and it isn’t unusual to find as much as 20% in good people.  (They can gain access in various ways.)  Dark Archangels and Dark Avatars assigned to Souls with higher Divine purpose can make an embodiment difficult.  We look to see if there are dark server beings and light server beings being hosted by the body—how many of each and how much they are possessing/occupying/using the body.  We look for Suppressor Parasite Entities assigned (which are more powerful than generic parasites).  We have occasionally found up to four of these with people, but there are usually none or one assigned.   We count the number of guardian angels and devils assigned to the individual.

We want to know if there are any negative entities targeting the individual because of other people.  We count the number of negative prayers, curses, spells, etc. the person is under the influence of, and how many of these are family/group//tribal (this life and other lives) and how many are individual (this life and other lives).  We look for soul facets of other people hanging around (and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

We look for dark and hostile life forms embedded in the energy and dark cords into the form.We count the number of little beings/entities with negative agendas in the physical body.  We want to find any extensions of entities/beings that are of/from/through other people into the body, and any that are of/from/through the body of the individual receiving the Analysis.  We look for negative psychic cords with others, and determine if the person is carrying the stuff of other people.

We check to see if the individual is subject to spirit obsessions (usually a romance or admiration thing where aspects of another person hang around) or spirit oppression (which is always negative in nature and can be light to heavy).   We look for human and animal spirits attached, and the former often are present if the person is an unaware Soulkeeper and not assisting these. (Some give up and move on after a while.)

We count the number of negative entities attached and the number of generic nasties in the energies.  We check for so-called evil spirits and demons of darkness, as well as unclean influences.  We want to know if there are any intruders.

We look for and count the number of negative alien parasites (uncommon), mental/psyche parasites, spiritual parasites, and energy parasites (the latter sometimes called “feeders”).  We look for and count mental/psyche and spiritual viruses. We look for and count controller implants, dark side implants, and generic toxic implants in the energy bodies.  We check for and count crucifixion, slave, and sex implants in the energy bodies (which could have been placed for various reasons—in this life or other lives).

There are to be found some overlaps in the listings of contaminants, and a few are the same as others, but it important to include them by all their names.

More information about the various items covered on this Analysis can be found in printed form in books and magazines and on the Internet.
Seeking to serve, we are the Angel-Light Team. If you're interested in learning about yourself, communicate by email to both addresses with "Your Analysis" in the subject line.

Angel-Light Love
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