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Friday, January 25, 2013


January 25, 2013

Again, as explained in the January 13, 2013 article titled “Analysis—Soul, Personality, Energy—Explanation”:  “A human body-mind unit is a complete animal/mammal with a personality (aka ego) and functional even without a soul. Some human body-mind units are more developed than others. The human body-mind unit has a consciousness all its own.”  Many lifestreams/life forms/entities/souls/etc. can be hosted by a human body-mind unit, and every individual I have provided a Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis over the years has had more than one, and almost all have had several.

Recently another  teacher/messenger/healer, who works in several countries around the world, reminded me how I had confirmed for him/her what he/she had told one of his/her clients, which was that the person was not a “starseed walkin” on mission but was possessed by a dark entity. The client became very angry with my friend for not supporting the delusion and my friend became under attack by the entity/being possessing, occupying, and using the body of the client.

Since that time years ago, my knowledge about “possession” has increased—through my research and deliverance/healing assistance for others. Some religious people claim that all possession is by “the devil” or “demons.”  Well, the word “demons” was originally “daemons” and meant “spirits.”  It is definitely not the case that all possession/occupation/use is evil or a bad thing.  An extreme example of good is one person lifting a heavy automobile off another person.  All of a sudden the rescuer has “super-human” strength.  This was possession/occupation/use, albeit temporary.  Angels and other unseen ones often work through people and miracles happen.  Sometimes this is just an overlay, but sometimes possession/occupation/use is necessary.

I had known for many years that possession can be by interdimensional entities/beings/angels, etc.—and not just so-called “demons” or “evil spirits.” I have learned about the different types of entities/beings who can possess/occupy/use human body-mind units and why.   For one thing, possession/occupation/use can be temporary or long term.  And I’ve never found it to be 100% when providing the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis or when checking out others about whom I’m curious. 

I’ve learned that it helps to differentiate by actions and intentions rather than types of life forms.  For example, on the Analysis, I ask how much (%) the human body-mind unit receiving the Analysis is possessed/occupied/used by lightservers and the number of lightservers being hosted. I ask for the same information about darkservers.  That’s how we address the issue on the Analysis.  We’ve found many people who have both types—some temporarily, some long term. And these can be good people leading good lives. (And people engaged in spiritual healing for others need to check themselves out often.)  Another way to differentiate is using the categories “service to others life forms” and “service to self life forms,” although it is not quite as clear as the terms “darkservers” and “lightservers.”

In summary, if I were to check out the “possessed” person my teacher/messenger/healer friend asked me out today, years later, I would ask for details about the possession/occupation/use of that person’s body (as described above), which would have provided more clarity about the situation. 

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