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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


March 13, 2013

A supporter and I often engage in email correspondence about the powers of this world who continue to deceive and mislead humanity who allow and accept their shenanigans.  In an email correspondence to the supporter on the subject this morning, I emphasized my point by putting KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (in caps)—twice in the email. After I did that the second time, I got sensations of confirmation (which I’m familiar with) in my body.

After sending the email and signing out of that email account, I had the Yahoo home page, so I decided to check out local (Texas) news.  Scrolled down the list and burst out laughing loud and hard over the title of one article, “Knowledge is Power . . . .”  That was a long laugh.  That was my second confirmation that knowledge is power.  Will there be a third?   Perhaps, but I’m not waiting for it.  I’m ready to share this experience now!

Ignorance is darkness. Knowledge is light.  Ignorance serves no one well.  Read, study, learn, examine, speculate, ruminate (upon both sides of issues, I might add). Find the Divine within and question, ask and receive. Ignorance is darkness. Knowledge is light.

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