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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


March 27, 2013

I subscribe to CoastZone newsletter sent out by www.coasttocoastam.com. If you’re not familiar with Coast to Coast, which has been around many years, I recommend you go to www.coasttocoastam.com and acquaint yourself. 

In the March 27, 2013 newsletter, there is a brief recap of the March 26, 2013 Coast to Coast program with guest Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell.  Almost all guests on Coast to Coast are interesting to me, but the following description led me to do more research on Dr. Powell (a psychiatrist):  “Powell recently coined the acronym UEC (unexplained experiences of consciousness) to use instead of telepathy, ESP and other types of paranormal phenomena-- 'loaded' terms which can cause scientists to turn away. She cited the research of Dean Radin on presentiment, which demonstrated that people can have a certain brain response seconds before being shown a disturbing image. She also mentioned the intriguing phenomena of ‘future memory,’ which is as though you've literally visited the future, and then in the present when these events unfold you recognize them, and can sometimes alter their course. Doing things that activate the right brain (the visual/spatial side), such as art and dance, can increase one's receptivity to psychic abilities, she further added.”

Unexplained experiences of consciousness?  I like that term!  Went to Dr. Powell’s website (http://dianehennacypowell.com) to explore and found she has published three books:  “The ESP Enigma,” “Seriously Strange,” and “Beyond Forgiveness.”  I'm going to check them out. Some topics mentioned on the home page of Dr. Powell's website are: What is consciousness and how does it relate to the brain?  What do you suppose happens after you die? What do you make of dreams that appear to foretell events? How can free will exist if psychics actually see the future? When you experience a series of odds-defying coincidences, what’s going on?

There is an article (in the spirituality section) on Dr. Powell’s site titled, “My Path From Atheism to Spirituality.” Now that’s a fascinating topic, don’t you think?

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