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Sunday, May 19, 2013


May 19, 2013

Before I laid me down to sleep yesterday evening, I read (a re-read actually) “The Physics of Time Travel,” a lengthy chapter in one of Dr. Bruce Goldberg’s books, “Time Travelers From Our Future: An Explanation of Alien Abduction” (published in 1998).  Physics has long been an interest of mine. At 3:33 a.m., I awoke and began thinking and writing. The following is a sharing of my reflections. (Keep in mind that I’ve read and studied pre-history and ancient history areas of interest and goings on “behind the scenes” in past and present times, exchanged thoughts with others over the years, and mostly have a philosophical perspective.)

It seems to me that the only scenario that makes sense from a higher perspective is that we’re in a laboratory and part of an experiment or study here at 3D planet earth. However, if that’s the case, it certainly isn’t a controlled experiment.  The words “gone awry” come to mind.  It now seems to be a convoluted free-for-all with no scientific controls in place.

Where we are (3D planet earth) has been called a “testing zone” for souls (who download to live in human body-mind units). It has also been considered a “soul nursery” of sorts. It has been referred to as a “field of play” in the sense that humans are chess pieces controlled by what primitive man called “the gods.”

However, as ancient records and experience of modern day “contactees” and “abductees” indicate, there has been co-mingling of “gods” and men at this level of existence, and there are different factions of “gods” who are vying for a stake, with humanity far too often suffering the consequences.

On the other hand, there are “gods” with benevolent intent who seek to set humanity free from the controlling “gods” who use and abuse humanity for their own selfish purposes (including games). One could consider that the one called Jesus Christ was/is one of the methods chosen to set humanity free. (It seems naïve to consider Jesus Christ the only means of salvation and redemption.) Indeed, if there was such a plan with Jesus Christ as the focus, such plan has been majorly corrupted and used by malevolent “gods” to keep humanity in check and ignorant of their agendas and machinations and orchestrations.

Nevertheless, one is provided with the comfort of the personage of Jesus Christ in the purest form should one choose to muddle through all the crud that the malevolent, service-to-self “gods” and their human instruments have built around him in their efforts to keep humanity in ignorance and darkness.  The love of Jesus Christ can be balm for the soul if one knows Christ in the cosmic sense, which transcends earthly existence.

It’s called “Christ Consciousness.”

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