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Monday, July 15, 2013


July 15, 2013

“Coast to Coast” Internet radio is highly regarded by thousands if not millions of listeners.  On the July 14th program, one of the guests was Jason “The Horse,” who believes he is a horse living in a human body.  According to the July 15th CoastZone newsletter, since his initial appearance on "Coast to Coast," Jason has met around fifteen other people who also think that they are horses living in human bodies. He also claimed that there are people who believe that they possess the souls of other animals. Jason claims that the closer a creature is to humans, the easier it is to get along in human form and that people who think they have the soul of non-domesticated or wild animals have a more difficult time functioning in society.  If you haven’t yet discovered “Coast to Coast” and the wide variety of informative programs (some on unusual topics), treat yourself by first checking out the web site: www.coasttocoastam.com.

I prefer to use the words “spirits” and “energies” when I think of animals attached to or occupying human body-mind units. Years ago, I knew a female for a while who seemed to be a cat in a human body. She had cats and sometimes didn’t seem to have an understanding of how to live as human.  She seemed to play with her cats as if she was another cat. Her facial expressions were cat-like, including sort of licking her lips with her tongue.  It was quite interesting to witness.

Dr. Mitchell Gibson, www.tybro.com, who has a YouTube channel, is another spiritual healer/teacher who knows how people can carry animal energies and has even ascribed certain personality traits and physical issues to the presence of animal energies.  For example, Dr. Gibson reports that foxes can cause heart muscle disease, mice can cause headaches, and squirrels can cause anxiety. We wrote about Dr. Gibson on a September 25, 2006 blog article titled “Animal Spirits.” It’s definitely worth a read if you’re interested in this topic.

There are several possible scenarios when considering what seem to be animals in human bodies. The most common is animal spirit attachment. Over the long term, the qualities/traits of the animal can blend and merge with that of the human—especially if, as Jason “The Horse” claims, the animal is a type that is closer to humans and domesticated.  We do sometimes find animal spirits attached to human body-mind units when performing the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis.  During the Divine Reconnective Healing Process, this is one of the issues we address (which we can also release separately, of course).  Another scenario is energies of animals being in the energies of humans, which is what Dr. Gibson has spoken about.  These can carry over from other lifetimes.  For example, if one was deliberately cruel to a creature, some of the energies of the creature or even the full spirit can lodge in one’s energies.  If a human body is killed and eaten by an animal in a life, then energies of the animal can merge with the energies of the human—and remain over many lifetimes.  And, yes, if one eats animal flesh, one can pick up traces of the energies of the animals one consumes.  However, by the time most animals are killed and processed and eaten, most if not all the spirit has gone from the flesh. 

It is my sincere opinion that spirits of creatures attached to humans deserve to be released and sent to their “heavenly home” just as do spirits of humans attached to other humans.  And it has been proven that clearing energies of creatures that are lodged in and/or merged with energies of humans is beneficial to the humans.

I’ve also discovered what seem to be humans trapped in the bodies of animals, but that’s not the topic of this piece.

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