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Monday, August 19, 2013


August 19, 2013

Recently shared information about the differences between Time-Space and Space-Time on this site.  Simply put,  space-time is physical and visible, and time-space is metaphysical and invisible.

Usually, we have recommended ending all affirmations, decrees, and prayers with “on a full and permanent basis now.”  When I’ve wanted to cover all possibilities and stress the importance of my affirmations, decrees, and prayers, I’ve added at the end, “up and down the time lines, up and down the verticals, across time-space-dimension, on a full and permanent basis now.

I’ve begun using and recommending a new ending, which is, “throughout space-time and throughout time-space--on a full and permanent basis--now.”  I’m beginning to get accustomed to this and intend to use it at the end of all my affirmations, decrees, and prayers. 

Try it!  If you want more information before so doing, read the August 16, 2013 article on this site titled “Time-Space & Space Time.”

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