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Thursday, August 08, 2013


August 8, 2013

Read an article titled, “Good Samaritan Pays Stranger’s Baggage Fee at Airport,” on Yahoo Shine today.  A person’s credit card was declined and he stepped out of line while wondering why and what to do. Meanwhile, the person next in line overheard and paid the baggage fee.  Several similar short stories of people helping out other people were added.  I love to read about people helping other people!   

There have been many times over the years when I've overheard someone mentioning a need and I've stepped up to assist. A guy in a fast food restaurant during a less busy time of day comes to mind. It was about four years ago. I heard this regular customer telling the employees about all the money he had received for Christmas.  Feeling friendly, when I went to the condiment counter as he was standing there talking to the restaurant employees, I said, “Well, let’s party!”  He said he could not, that he had two house payments past due and needed $30 more to cover the bank draft going through in a couple days. We sat in adjoining booths and began chatting.  Long story short, I gave him the $30 he needed from my 10% stash (which i set aside to give to the needy) plus $10 more for gas, and then went to his modest house a day or so later with a few groceries. Felt great to give—as always!  As “Dear Abby” (newspaper advice columnist for those who don’t recognize the name) said many years ago, “If you’re not giving, you’re not living.” 

I’ve reminded people many times over the years that it’s good to pray and ask Divine for what one needs, but if one lets other people know what is needed, it makes the work of Divine easier.  This summer has been quite lean financially, and I’ve been asking Divine to touch the hearts and minds of people who can gift me with cash (or Walmart shopping cards) so my needs can be met, and I can give more to others. It’s a circle of giving in the spirit of love. How wonderful!

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