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Monday, August 12, 2013


August 12, 2013

An individual currently receiving Angel-Light Team clearing and healing has reported feeling much lighter and brighter and joyful and having a new outlook, describing the effects as “remarkable.”

Among many other things, we repaired, restored, and reconstructed the light energy matrix, placing all components in the proper location and correct order so as to allow optimal flow, optimal light, and optimal wellbeing.  (This is a recently revised part of the DRH Process.)  We deactivated and eliminated negatively-charged geometric constructs in the energy field (a new item). 

We terminated and eliminated s_xual bonds with others—except for those the person said were wanted.  (This is a new item.)  Although, the individual had claimed not to have been s_xually intimate with over 10 people, we found over 100 s_xual bonds! These can occur in other ways other than s_xual intimacy, which we won’t go into here except to report that clamp-like etheric devices can be found on the pelvic bone. 

We terminated all hijacking and eliminated all hijackers (a revised item).  We deactivated and neutralized and cleared negative thought forms from the energetic space.  Hundreds and even over a thousand can be found—those created by self and those created by others, too.  (This is a revised item.)  We installed twelve layers of protection at strategic intervals on and around the person and the home.  (This is mostly a new item.)  We’re still addressing the healing of the ancestral karma that is negatively impacting the present life of this individual—as we are allowed.  One cannot assume “once clear, always clear.”  It just doesn’t work that way at this level of existence.

We are available to those who support our ministry.

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