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Wednesday, August 21, 2013


August 21, 2013

The site www.merriam-webster.com defines mantra as “a mystical formula of invocation or incantation,” and gives an example of a businessman whose mantra is “bigger is better.”   One might not consider “bigger is better” as “mystical,” but as one learns about the power of spoken words, one will recognize that just about any words can become a mantra.   One that comes to mind is “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.”

I have spoken many mantras over the years since I awakened in the 1980s. Sometimes the words have seemed to come out of my mouth without forethought. Other times, there has been careful consideration. Some mantras I have spoken for only a day or a few days off and on over time. Others I have spoken regularly (over and over again)—just about every day.  These include, “healthy, happy, healthy happy,” “highest light of heaven,” “golden light of Christ, “happy Healing Love Energy,” “Christ Jesus, Jesus Christ,” “I Am, I be, I have, I love,” and just “I Am.” I recommend repeating three times each episode.

One mantra I have spoken several times daily for what seems like forever is, “I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am.” Sometimes I automatically add, “I Am That I Am. I Am That I Am. I Am That I Am. I Am Angel-Light.”  Recently, Denise Le Fay (whom I've written about several times on my site) shared on her “Transitions” blog site a piece from http://rainbow-phoenix.com titled “The I Am Mantra.” I asked for and received permission from the source of the information to share the full article also, but decided to refer you to the site instead because the reader will probably discover other information of interest there.

A resident of another density (who refers to self as “Awareness”) offers guidance and provides information that has proven useful and beneficial and which is found at http://rainbow-phoenix.com.  Because I often speak the mantra, “I Am That I Am,” I was eager to speak the mantra suggested by Awareness, which is, “I Am the I Am that I Am. I Am the I Am that I Am. I Am the I Am that I Am.”  That is the complete mantra, and the complete mantra is to be spoken three times in succession, which means one speaks “I Am the I Am That I Am” nine times.  Awareness informs that people who speak this mantra will be “invoking their own higher vibrations, their own higher reality of their being.”

When I followed the instructions, I noticed an energy shift and felt “higher.”  There also seemed to be some sort of energy clearing.  It wasn’t extreme, but it was enough for me to make the decision to speak this mantra on a daily basis.  Bear in mind that I’m very sensitive, so ones who aren’t might not notice anything, but the mantra will definitely be beneficial whether one senses anything or not. 

Try it!  I’m interested in any results and effects you notice and want to share..

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