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Friday, August 16, 2013


August 16, 2013

For years I’ve used the terms “time-space” and “space-time” interchangeably--all the while knowing they are different.  Finally did an Internet search so as to get clear in my mind which is which and what is what.  The easiest-to-understand explanation I found is from the “Ra Material” (some published in books).  There are five of “The Law of One” books, which are channeled by James Allen McCarty, Don Elkins, and Carla Rueckert—the first in 1984, I believe. To be honest, I’m no fan of channeled material, but I resonate with much of the “Ra Material” that I’ve read on the Internet.  Would like to have a set of the books to explore.  Reading books on the Internet on some electronic device doesn’t appeal to me at all. If the excerpts below are interesting to you, I recommend you explore more of the “Ra Material” and even purchase the books for study. Note: In this excerpt the word "entities" also refers to people.

You wish information this morning on the concept and the nature of time/space. Time/space is that which surrounds you at all times and in all spaces, shall we say. In your present illusion you are consciously aware of space/time and it is that in which you conduct your daily activities. It is that with which you are most familiar. Time/space permeates all of space/time and you move within this as well, although you do not have as great a degree of awareness of this.

You are aware that space/time is the home, shall we say, of the illusion of incarnation and that when an entity is not conscious of being within the incarnational illusion, whether between incarnations beyond the process of physical incarnation or in some other way aware of the dimensions of space/time—whether in the dreaming state or other means of alterations of consciousness—then the field of time/space is that of which the entity has primary awareness.

Time/space is that realm within which we are able to be with you at all times, that we may inhabit space/time as well. The movements which are possible to make in time/space are variable as are those in space/time and perhaps more widely variable because of the greater divergence of types of entities that inhabit time/space. There are entities of more differing densities that inhabit these realms and their abilities to move vary according to their individual development. [This] is also true of space/time which in your current illusion is inhabited by the first, second, third and beginning of fourth-density entities. And you may see the divergence of the abilities to move in, for example, the rock entity which moves very slowly in space as compared to the third-density entity which moves about in space seemingly at will, limited only by such physical laws as the entity is aware of.

There are similar laws governing the fields of time/space and similar divergences in the abilities of varying entities to move therein. We ourselves have developed abilities to move much more freely, shall we say, than the time/space counterpart of the walking entities of which you are familiar. Each entity that has the appearance of solidity in your illusion also has the time/space counterpart which exists in a superimposed, shall we say, manner. This time/space counterpart is discernible to some of your entities who have developed the capacity for this type of perception.

The time/space counterpart is that which is worked with very often by those with healing abilities. Each here is aware of such instances. Thus, the separation between time/space and space/time is not such a clear-cut distinction as you may have thought, although it is possible to move purely in the realms of time/space without being a part of space/time. It is not possible to be in space/time without also being part of time/space or the time/space realm containing, shall we say, those of space/time.

AND:  The environment which you experience as third-density Earth is an environment which is highly polarized. The very fabric of third density sings of polarity. . . . Wherever you look in third density there are polarities. There are physical polarities such as male and female, light and dark, warm and cold. There are moral polarities such as good and evil, positive and negative, radiant and magnetic. The learnings of third density have to do with choosing one of two polarities of the ethical kind, service to others or service to self, and in moving along the line of that polarity, in accentuating it and accentuating it further, until you have, by polarizing, created yourself as a person of power.

It is against this backdrop that we would speak of space/time and time/space.. . . In one way of looking at or experiencing the fabric of consciousness, the mismatch between space and time favors space. Because of this mismatch there is a periodicity to this fabric of consciousness as if a pointillist were painting a canvas and were creating dots that, when looked at, becomes a field of color.

In the space time universe or the universe of space-time, the mismatch favors space. There is created an illusion in which space was a field and time was a river. In the metaphysical universe which is the reciprocal of the physical universe, the mismatching of time and space favors time. And so consequently, in this metaphysical universe time is the field and space is the river.

When entities speak of time travel they speak, in everyday 3D terms, of a science fiction, an impossibility.
However in the time/space or metaphysical universe it is the only way to travel, shall we say. For it is the field and space is that which flows. The inner planes of your illusion are within time/space. Your thoughts, before they reach the conscious, word-making process, are in time/space. Consciousness, that ground of being which creates a unity of the universe, manifests in time/space.

Consequently, if we speak of space/time we are speaking of the everyday waking reality/illusion of third-density Planet Earth. When the term “time/space” is used, it indicates or refers to the metaphysical universe. Within time/space the past, present, future are a kind of globe, shall we say, for we wish to indicate a [three-dimensional] shape rather than a flat shape such a circle. We wish to indicate a living, rounded shape. . . .

AND an interesting piece of info:  The terms “light/love” and “love/light” depend from the terms “space/time” and “time/space.” When we of the Confederation speak of the one great original Thought of unconditional love which created all that there is, we speak in terms of love/light. When we speak of the manifested Logos, the seen worlds, we are speaking of light/love.

To put it even more simply, space-time is physical and visible, and time-space is metaphysical and invisible.  Got it? I definitely want to read more of the “Ra Material.”  How about you?

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