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Thursday, October 10, 2013


October 10, 2013

Recently, someone posted to Facebook a photo of a landscape in Oregon made from what seemed to be a small cave.  The landscape seemed semi-barren. This reminded me of a life I the soul lived which seemed to be elsewhere in the universe. The landscape I viewed from a square opening in a building where I was with my loved one was sandy and reddish and barren. We were humanoid but tall and very slender with reddish gray skin. One of us was dying and ashen. One of us carried the other to the window  to look out, and there one of us made a pledge/vow to the other. I met the other in this lifetime.  No longer remember the words of the pledge of devotion, and at this point I’m not sure which of us was which. 

Actually, the life described was one of several revealed when I asked (in 1991) to be shown other lifetimes that would shed some light on current lifetime involvement (which was brief). They did!

The more my Divine conduits (and there are various types) are intact and free of contaminants, the easier it is to obtain such information.  Sometimes it is easier for me than other times. Living in this space-time in this time-space requires a lot of self-care in order to be optimally “spiritually attuned.”

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