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Saturday, December 21, 2013


December 21, 2013

When doing Internet searches, I’ve experienced finding links for useful information I wasn’t seeking, and then find myself clicking on links in the articles I pull up.  Such was the case recently.  I found a short article titled, “Gifted Clairvoyant of the Invisible Worlds” on the site www.tos.theosophy.org.nz . It’s about Geoffrey Hodson, apparently a theosophist, but the article summarizing his life and activities and work reveals so much more. Section titles are: His Occult Life of Research; Health and the Angelic Kingdom; Archaeology and Paleontology; Clairvoyant Research in Embrology; Research in Chemistry & Physics; Clairvoyant Research and Music; Theosophy, Philosophy, and Religion; Author, Spiritual Teacher, and World Lecturer; Conclusion.

Words about Geoffrey Hodson’s work with the angelic kingdom brought so much love and light and peace up for me. I want to excerpt some of it here.  This field of research concerns Mr. Hodson’s ability to contact and learn directly from the Angelic Kingdom. As a result he wrote about ten books about the angels or devas, and of how we may work in co-operation with them to heal the sick through Healing meditations. In his books on Angels, especially in the books called The Kingdom of the Gods with its beautiful paintings, (about 29 of them) and Brotherhood of Angels and Men you will find methods of healing, of invocation and prayer. These are part of the occult or hidden powers he had developed within himself. This subject became a life-long study for Mr. Hodson in which he co-operated with the angelic kingdom in the fields of medicine, religion, healing and other areas such as music. With regard to the angelic kingdom there are many different categories of angels that we provide information on. There are mountain angels, music angels and also nature angels, to do with trees and water. There are landscape angels and angels to do with religious ceremonies. Then there are angels of Will, Wisdom, Intelligence and finally angels of beauty, mind and fire. Through personal experiences and the information and teachings the angels gave him directly and which filled his books, he can talk very convincingly of their world. Another aspect of research where trained clairvoyance can be used is in the diagnosis and prevention of disease. Most mornings for an hour Mr. Hodson would give spiritual healing which included angelic help to all those who asked for help and he received a great many letters from grateful patients, thanking him for the help they received.”

Here are some comments I made in an email to a supporter recently:  “The angelic realms in general are being kept very busy these days, and you might say “overloaded.” We don’t have as many available at ‘a snap of the fingers’ as once was the case, and our work is going a little more slowly. Something is going on at other levels/in other areas that requires attention.  And, “We are a composite soul and our angel facets are very sensitive.”

It always feels so good to read of other healing facilititators who work in concert with angelic beings (many, if not all, with angels grounded into the human bodies). 

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