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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


December 11, 2013

For several years now, we have been checking for the amount of free will  of people who request a Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis.  Read more about it the October 3, 2013 article on this site titled, “Free Will.”  In an article titled “Sovereign Free Will, Sovereign Power” dated October 29, 2013, and in article dated November 5, 2013 titled “Sovereignty & Free Will,” and in other articles during the last quarter of this year, we have a recommended a Sovereign Free Will Statement—which is a revision of an “I Am” statement I’ve been making for many years now (revised because of additional wording suggested in articles and Internet radio programs of other cosmic spiritual teachers and researchers).

The current version of the Sovereign Free Will Statement is as follows:  “I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. I Am the Divine I Am. I Am Divine Soul I Am. I Am the I Am That I Am. I Am a fully sentient, sovereign, free-willed entity. I declare and decree my sovereign free will now. I Am Divine Soul in control. I Am the only authority in my life. I Am Divinely protected by the light of my being and by the light of Christ—Christ in me the hope of glory. I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am.

Reports have been trickling in recently from people who have been decreeing/affirming these words.  One person had a problem including the words “Christ in me the hope of glory” because it brought back negative memories of ministers in churches of her youth fifty or so years ago. No problem! Just delete that part! This person has reported that it feels good to affirm/decree otherwise. If someone has issues with being protected by “the light of Christ,” that part can be left out as well.  When I shared a couple of the articles in my Yahoo groups, I receive a private email in reponse from someone who seemed to be an extremist who took strong issue with my claiming I had Divine power. I pasted it into a message for the group so all could see it.  Other reports have been positive—with some feeling instant shifts. Others report coughing and even jerking a little as if their bodies are trying to eject something.

Well, one’s body does react in such a way when the vibration raises enough that lower level and negative astral entities who are trespassing and intruding in a person’s sacred space (the body at all levels) find it very uncomfortable.  I’m a firm believer that increasing/raising one’s frequency resonance vibration can keep out a lot of such riff-raff (and there are many means to do so—including the Sovereign Free Will Statement)  However, there are times when stronger measures are required, and, quite frankly, some people don’t even realize that have any issues with “possession, occupation, and use” by various types of entities (from 5% on up to 95%)—let alone know what they are and how to eject them.

Many people turn to spiritual healers such as myself and the Angel-Light Team for relief. However, there are things one can do for one’s own self in addition to affirming/decreeing the Sovereign Free Will Statement daily and increasing/raising the vibration.  Some types of entities who violate our sacred space are lower astral negative entities, agents of the corrupt demiurge, negative alien parasites, service-to-self aliens, anti-Christ entities, negative elementals, and malevolent and hostile entities with negative agendas (and there are more).  If the reader disagrees, then the reader can feel free to stop reading at this point or read on with an open mind in case there is some useful information ahead.

One can address any possible issues with possession, occupation, and use of one’s sacred space in two ways.  I recommend the Sovereign Free Will Statement at the beginning of each session. Then one can choose one of two recommended formats. (1) “In the name of Christ and under the law of grace, I [your name] Decree I Am calling forth, asking for, commanding, claiming, and giving thanks for ________—throughout space-time—throughout time-space—on a full and permanent basis—now.”  (2) “In the name of Christ, with the power of Christ Divine within me, with my Applied Conscious Intent, and with the power of my Divine I Am Spirit, I [your name] Decree I Am ________--throughout space-time—throughout time-space—on a full and permanent basis—now.”

If one uses option (1), the word “the” is at the beginning of each group of words below. If option (2) is used, then the word “the” is left off.  First choose a type of entity and decree/affirm by filling in the blank with the type of entity. The entire phrase goes into the blank of (1) and (2) above.

--the terminating of any and all possession, occupation, and use of me and mine by ________--

--the closing off of my body to ________--

--the delivering, protecting, and defending of me and mine from ________--

--the unplugging, disconnecting, and disengaging of any and all  ________ from me and mine, the disabling, deactivating, disengaging, dismantling, and destructing of everything these have placed in me and mine, and the removing of me and mine, including soul group, from the custody of these

--the terminating and voiding of any and all manipulations of me and mine that have been orchestrated by ________--

--the terminating and voiding of any and all energy transfers, energy merges, and energy manipulations, and any and all consciousness transfers, consciousness merges, and consciousness manipulations, and any and all soul transfers, soul merges, and soul manipulations involving me and mine that have been orchestrated by ________, and the restoring of my soul in full measure to my body—

--the pulling of any and all tentacles of ________ from me and mine—

--the capturing and binding of any and all fragments and facets and energies of ________ that are in my space covertly, sealing in golden containers, and transporting  to holding facilities at the galactic center for processing—

--the deactivating, terminating, and eliminating of any and all energy portals and conduits and any and all invisible corridors between my space and ________--

--the deactivating and erasing and deleting of any and all signatures, symbols, and hieroglyphics of ________ from me and mine—

It might be useful for those who want to experiment with this set of affirmations/decrees to form each one individually in advance rather than try to work with them as presented here. It is important to remember that continued use increases the effects. If one has an entity or entities deeply entrenched, there might be some unpleasantness. Finally, always, always, always bring in Divine light energy to fill and surround the sacred space/body when complete with a session. Decree it and imagine it.  I prefer Divine light energy of the Christ vibration aka golden light of Christ.

I Am Angel-Light Love--an Instrument of Divine serving as Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator (Spirit-Mind-Body-Environment) and Spiritual Consultant/Healer/Messenger (locally and remote) since the 1980s. If you have been enlightened, inspired, or assisted by this article, you may want to support my international ministry, Healing Love Lighthouse, with a donation. All who support my ministry are specifically blessed.  The Angel-Light Team is available for supporters.

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