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Monday, January 13, 2014


January 13, 2014

The subtle distinctions and variations among words continue to interest me. And they do make a big difference when I’m checking people for various contaminations, corruptions, and interferences.

The most recent change is regarding lifestreams. For years I looked for consciousness units and switched to lifestreams, back to consciousness units, etc. Finally settled on the lifestreams assignation.  I’ve looked for lifestreams with the body, hosted by the body, and grounded into the body at one time or another—switching back and forth. In recent weeks, when pondering and contemplating, it occurred to me that using the term “lodged in”  would be more accurate and a better fit—since other terms used when analyzing cover related presences in general. For example, attached human spirits is a different condition that human spirits lodged in the body.

It has become clear to me that having no lifestreams lodged in one’s body is normal but there are very good reasons that some lifestreams are lodged in persons. I tested my newfound knowledge by checking people on the current list and adding a few extras.  When I checked each of the 29 individuals for the number of lifestreams lodged in their bodies, I found that 9 had none (so 20 had one or more). I found one person who seems to stay depressed much of the time has 10, and one person who is deeply troubled by psychic abuse and attacks to have 25. If I find there are lifestreams lodged in a person’s body, I investigate further, looking to differentiate among types of lifestreams.  I know that reptoid draconians (aka dracs, draconians) are not allowed to be lodged in human bodies—for any reason. To explain why would take up too much space and time. I also know that 2D beings (fairies, elves, etc.) do not belong in 3D bodies, and the reason they are there is that they have been captured and lodged in human bodies by the controllers of 3D existence.  Again, there’s not enough space and time to go into this in depth.  These are reluctant to be released and leave because they fear they will be captured again.  After learning of the situation of 2D beings who are out-of-place and time a couple years ago, I arranged for the fairies lodged in my body to go to a new, safe home where they are comfortable. It was an emotional experience for me but “momentous” (word given just now) for them. Since then, we’ve facilitated the rescue and deliverance of all 2D beings we find lodged in human bodies. It’s one thing to love fairies and elves and have visits from them when in nature, but it is quite another to have them stuck and trapped in one’s body.

After I have the types of lifestreams lodged in a person’s body differentiated (and there are eight to ten types we look for), the next step is measuring the light quotient of each lifestream.  Obviously the presence of any type of lifestream with a light quotient of under 50% is detrimental to the person. We then determine the intent of those whose presence could be either beneficial or malevolent, helpful or harmful. It’s also important to know if each one wants to be lodged in the body or would prefer to be elsewhere. Lifestreams can become trapped and stuck—especially after long periods of time lodged in the body.  Angels are lodged in this person (with intent to assist humanity)—as well as seven other people on the list of 29 (most of which are helpful).  The last step, of course, is the disengagement, removal, and transport of all who want to leave and all that are harmful and malevolent to various locations (heavenly home, the galactic center, or whatever appropriate location I’m given).

Spiritual healing is not only for the person seeking evaluation/analysis and assistance, but also for the various lifestreams, spirits, etc. that are lodged in the body, attached to the body, hanging around in the space, etc.

We are the Angel-Light Team. Our purpose/mission is to facilitate the liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world who are drawn to our ministry. All who support our ministry with donations are specifically blessed.

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