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Saturday, January 25, 2014


January 25, 2014

Saw a Facebook friend’s update today that was a picture of a couple kissing and the words: “Kissing reduces anxiety and stops the noise in your mind. It increases the levels of oxytocin, an extremely calming hormone the produces a feeling of peace.”  This brought to mind something I read a while back—a recommended expression of love: to kiss one’s love- mate gently, at length, on the forehead over the area of the third eye/ajna center (located just above and between where the eyebrows meet).  Those without a love-mate were instructed to kiss one’s own fingertips and then press them gently on that spot. Since I’ve been in the latter category for over a decade, I “kissed myself” several times with love. I’m not going to reveal the aftereffects for my own self when I did this in the past because I want readers to experience this without expectations in place.

Today, when I saw the update about kissing, I remember that I hadn’t “kissed myself” in a long time and took my hands off the keyboard to do so. It came to me to tell myself, “I love you, Angel-Light” as I did so.  Tears came up within—never reaching the surface, but tears nonetheless.  Means there’s some more inner healing ahead for this healing facilitator!

The following process recommended by Louise Hay (author, publisher) is one I’ve recommended for many years. It’s extremely therapeutic, healing, and liberating.


            The average person is usually unaware that she/he needs to forgive and love herself/himself.  Many times we carry guilt with us that was programmed in us by well-meaning family members at a young age.  There are various reasons to "check yourself out" by doing the following procedure.  Try it, and see what happens--even if you feel you love yourself and are harboring no guilt.  Also, if you don't feel appreciated, use the word "appreciate" in this procedure.  You can also insert other appropriate words, such as "trust," "validate," etc.  Always work through the procedure with "forgive" first, then "love."  Then use any other word(s) that you feel appropriate—such as trust, respect, or appreciate.
            Do this procedure twice a day, probably in the morning when you get up and in the evening when you go to bed.  Go to a mirror, preferably a large one that will leave your hands free, and look yourself in the eyes.  You must look yourself in the eyes as you do this procedure.  Begin saying slowly:  "I forgive you, (your name)."  Say this a total of ten times.  If you become emotional and cannot complete it, try again at the next scheduled time.  Again, do this twice daily until you don't have negative emotional reaction in the process, and then one week beyond, until you feel lighter in spirit, like a load has been lifted off.  After you complete the process with one of the names you have been called during this life, go to another, and work your way through all the names, until you feel light and clear about forgiving yourself by all the names.  For some people, it takes weeks to work through forgiving themselves, using all the names they have ever been called.  For other people, a week is sufficient.  We recommend using each one of your names for a minimum of one week--even if you don't have a negative reaction to the process.
            Repeat the process with the word "love" through all the names you have ever been called.  There is usually more emotion that comes up with this word.  Then go through the procedure with any other words you wish to use. Don't put the cart before the horse.  It is very important you "forgive" and "love" yourself before anything else.  Every person needs to do the "forgive" and "love" processing.  No exceptions!
            This procedure may also be used to heal and clear with others.   Look at a photograph of the individual or imagine the face and say from your heart:   "I forgive you, (his/her name)."   Then, "I love you (his/her name)."
            We guarantee results!

It’s about time I go through this process for my own self again!

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