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Monday, January 06, 2014


January 6, 2014

Sharing a recent Facebook reflection of someone and comments of others which are definitely worth sharing.

Person #1: So many people have issues with money. Even people who make plenty of it still have issues; sometimes they are stingy or have a fear of lack. Whatever the case, what if you started seeing it as a "tool"--a tool that is necessary in this system of things to assist with living life to the fullest, nothing more!

Person #2: Everyone has different needs/expectations in this area, but there should be no reason why a person should be in lack--unless this is their vibration they are sending out. Good news is that we can change our vibration with our thoughts, beliefs, and attitude. Changing old patterns are the most challenging and the most rewarding. Money is nothing but a tool. Don’t give it so much power. It doesn’t deserve it.

Person #3: Love this. I always teach my clients and team members, money is a tool like a hammer, it can build a house or destroy a house, but it's just a tool. And it's a tool that can be used for a lot of good. Abundance is everywhere. Yes!hy a person should be in lack, unless this is their vibration they are sending out. Good news, we can change our vibration with our thoughts, beliefs, and attitude. Changing old patterns are the most challenging and the most rewarding. Money is nothing but a tool, guys. Don't give it so much power, it doesn't deserve it.

Person #3: I see people over and over saying money doesn't matter to them but then I see them base every decision based on it--why they can or can't do something, go somewhere, have time, for example. Abundance is there for all of us. It starts with our thoughts and feelings about money. It's okay to want and receive and have money; it just makes life easier in today's world. A handy tool to have in the kit.;)

Person #1: Yes, I've seen it too. My belief is I will always have everything I need and then some. However this manifests in my life is just that. It happens because of my deep down belief. Some people will call it manipulation, but it's only because they do not understand how this works on a deep level. I don't worry because I know that I'm made in God's image and the universal mind of intelligence doesn't operate in lack mode. Only humans with their fears and misguided beliefs operate in such modes.

Person #4: Whatever you wish to experience in your own lifetime, cause another to experience in theirs. If you wish to experience love, cause another to be loved. If you wish to experience abundance, cause another to be abundant

Angel-Light Love:  I Am Angel-Light. I have a warm, friendly feeling about money. I Am an unlimited being. I have unlimited income. I have unlimited resources and supporters. I live an unlimited life.

Angel-Light Love:  One is to be careful about making judgments about the relationships of other people with money. There are programs in place to facilitate the learning experience of each lifetime of the soul--installed between lives. One of my programs was, "You had to learn to live without!" And those were the exact words given to me by a member of my Council--communicated very clearly. Claiming so-called laws (Law of Attraction, for example) and deciding it is failings and shortcomings of the individual causing this, that, or the other issue/difficulty is inappropriate in all cases.

I realize that my comment didn’t exactly fit the discussion, but it is something I want to remind others from time to time, and this discussion was an okay place to do so. I have told my Council a few times: I’ve learned “to do without.”  I’m done with that.

As I heard someone say several times a couple decades ago: “It’s only money!”

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