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Saturday, January 04, 2014


January 4, 2014

On October 22, 2013, we posted “Transcending & Ascending.” The reader might want to read or reread that article because this is a follow-up thereto.

Saw this quote of Esther Hicks today: “The basis of your life is absolute freedom, the goal is joy, and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward, or growth. Your goal is to find objects of attention that let your cork rise.”

That reminded me of some feedback received on the “Transcending & Ascending” article.  A person who has been troubled for quite some time by lower astral negative entities decided to give transcending and ascending a try.  He/She followed the basic format and then used it to create several affirmations and decrees and consulted with me before beginning his/her trial period.  The main statement we agreed on is as follows:  “I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. In the name of Christ, with the power of Christ Divine within me, with my Applied Conscious Intent, and with the power of my Divine I Am Spirit, I [name] Decree I Am transcending all violations, abuse, and attacks on my person and invasions of my person, and ascending out of harm’s way into the safe zone, into fullness of light and freedom—now.”  We also recommended breathing deeply with the trunk of the body and sending energy up through the crown of the head, expanding it up and out—preferably when inhaling—which provides a sensation of ascending. What one is actually doing is ascending in consciousness and higher, finer frequencies of vibration.

After four to six weeks of affirming and decreeing this aloud with intent and purpose (more often in the beginning than currently), this person has reported feeling lighter and freer than in a long, long time and feeling more love in the heart and experiencing joy.  He/She still occasionally experiences a little lower astral interference but claims it can be easily dealt with by affirming/decreeing aloud. How wonderful!

The transcending and ascending affirmation/decree can be used to deal with any number of situations and circumstances, for example: transcending lack and insufficiency and ascending into fullness of life with plenty and to spare.  If you experiment with transcending and ascending for a few weeks, I’d love to hear your results.

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