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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


February 18, 2014

There has been a lengthy discussion in one of my Facebook groups recently about the process of removing our chakras aka energy centers aka energy wheels. Today I did a brief Internet search for more information and will share some of it here. (I’m assuming the reader will have a basic knowledge of the chakras.) Keep in mind that removing the chakras is vastly different than closing chakras temporarily.

From the blog site of Aniel: http://youarehealednow.blogspot.com :  There is always, always something going on in the chakras.  They either are not spinning correctly, damaged, need balancing, not in correct place, filled with gunk, etc.  And the last one-- filled with gunk--is a major league reason why to get rid of them.”  And:   “Chakra removal is not a cure all. Very important to understand!  This is another step in our evolution, not the end all.  It is certainly a big step though and generally provides much relief.”

The healers at www.chakraremoval.com warn: “Although one may want to have his or her chakras removed, it is not a procedure that one should undertake without full agreement from their Higher Self. When you are ready for it, your Higher Self will open the way. Removal of the chakras only needs to be done once; they will not return.”

Jode at http://www.Jodegrayart.wordpress.com claims the chakras are natural and you can’t remove them. In a video on her site, she uses a drawing board as she explains why removing the chakras isn’t really removing them, but a rebooting of the system “to regain a natural flow of energy to free us up to for fill our own unique expression of love.” 

The opinion of Daniela at www.danielamouser.com expressed in her July 2013 newsletter is interesting:  “Some of you may have heard about the chakra removal concept that has been circulating the internet for the past 2 or 3 years. I have come across this a while ago and have been doing research as well as asked my guides and angels about this concept, and more and more I am convinced that it is a misconception. I believe we cannot nor are we supposed to remove our chakras. . . .  Our chakra systems are changing just as our bodies are because they are replicating the change we are and have been going through on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. As many of you may already know, our bodies DNA/RNA is changing to ultimately become light bodies that will reflect our true divine souls here on the physical plane.

Angel-Light comment in discussion on Facebook: Just as is the case with the merkaba, as a spiritual healer, etc., I consider the energy centers aka chakras aka energy wheels a normal and natural part of my being. Because I'm sensitive, when I've gone somewhere that tends to be "crazy" like a rock concert, I've closed my root/base, sacral, and solar plexus chakras temporarily. I went into one concert in the 1990s (free, nagged into it) with a cold virus and not feeling well. I began feeling worse until I walked outside and remembered to close those chakras, which I did. Walked back in, and within moments began rocking with everyone else and became energized and felt better and better.  If one closes the chakras with the simple technique I use, they will, over time, gradually reopen (time varies). However, I've always recommended opening them with the technique after one is safely out of a disruptive environment (kids sports, rock concert, family gathering, or whatever). I definitely don’t recommend closing the heart chakra.  I don't consider closed chakras healthy. Neither did Barbara Brennan (highly regarded teacher and energy healer) in her books "Hands of Light" & "Light Emerging" (both published in the 1980s, easy to read with diagrams). I'm wondering what she would think or thinks about actually "removing" the chakras.  If our chakras (and there are major and minor--many of them, it seems) are functioning well, they facilitate the flow of Source energy through our person. I cannot grasp how that can happen if they are "removed." If one absorbs and picks up environmental energy contaminants through the chakras, then the chakras are spinning in reverse or spinning at far less than full strength. That's where I am with this at this time. However, I’m open to new information on the subject.

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