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Thursday, February 27, 2014


February 27, 2014

At www.dictionary.com one of the definitions of the verb “mirror” is to be or give a faithful representation, image, or idea of, such as: Her views on politics mirror mine completely. According to www.merriamwebster.com, to mirror is to reproduce or show (an exact likeness) as a mirror would.

In a recent Facebook group discussion, someone asked: “What are the signs that tell us we have raised our vibration to a higher level?”   Another group member responded in an excellent, lengthy comment that one of the ways is to use the “self-referencing system” of mirroring, explaining that the basic idea of mirroring is that everything we experience is a mirror of our own “vibration.”

The group member expanded upon his response to the question in group to create a long article, which showed up in a blog of another person emailed to one of my accounts. (It’s wonderful that Facebook inspires so many blogs!)  In the intro of the person sharing the first person’s article, she reminds readers that sometimes the mirroring process simply indicates “not a vibrational match.” She adds: “That mismatch need not include any judgment either way, but when one or both parties attempts to mediate too large of a mismatch, then both parties lower their vibration.”  And: “If we receive indications that we’re not a vibrational match with someone who represents what and how we do wish to live, then we would be wise to reevaluate. Do we really want that in our lives? If not, then it’s not a match. Time to move on.”

Several months ago, I appreciated a similar comment made by another Facebook friend and intended to write a blog about it but didn’t follow through. So now I’m presented with this new opportunity to discuss the subject.  Over the years there have been many, many times I’ve read and heard pop psychologists and  people in wholistic circles claiming if you don’t like something about someone else, then that person is mirroring to you something you need to change within your own self.  No, that’s not true!  Granted, it can be; however, in my opinion, it is usually an indication that the other person and your own self are not in vibrational resonancy. Plain and simple!

With what do you want to have vibrational resonancy?  We’ll suggest a simple method to effect change.  Take a few deep breaths with intent to center yourself and then affirm/decree slowly aloud: “With my applied conscious intent, I [your name] decree I Am shifting frequencies and vibrating in resonancy with ________--on a full and permanent basis now.”  Be careful about what you place in that blank. Keep it simple.  There are numerous choices, such as: the highest frequencies of love and light, the highest light of Heaven, peace, prosperity, lovingkindness, wellbeing, joy, grace. Get the idea?

Consistency and persistency over time with this simple process, in most cases, will get results!

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