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Friday, February 21, 2014


February 21, 2014

I was inspired to write this article by a report from www.unknowncountry.com about Spindrift Research (www.spindriftresearch.org), founded by Bruce and John Klingbeil who were Christian Scientist practitioners until the church asked them to discontinue their research.  The Klingbeils transitioned to the next life years ago.   The work of Spindrift Research continues.  Some powerful breakthroughs in understanding how and why prayer can work have been made. Whitley Strieber reports: “The secular west has lost its understanding of prayer, and that’s extremely unfortunate because, as the Spindrift group has discovered, it’s easier to get results from evil prayer than from good prayer [emphasis added]. Not only that, the secret agendas of the human mind send out prayers and requests without our even being consciously aware of it.  As Bill Sweet [of Spindrift Research] says, we must examine our deepest motivations in order to determine exactly what we are asking for.”

Thoughts are prayers. Let us monitor our thoughts.  If a negative or harmful thought arises, we can say “neutralize” or “cancel.”

Decrees and Affirmations are also prayers. Let’s be careful what we decree and affirm—especially what words we put after “I Am” and, to a lesser degree, “I’m.”  If we make a mistake or have reservations about one of our decrees and affirmations, we can immediately say “correction” and revise to decree and affirm rightly. Again, the words “neutralize” and “cancel” can come in handy in such cases, too.

Imprecatory prayers are made with negative and hostile and harmful intent. Intercessory prayers are made with helpful and loving intent.  However, what one person considers intercessory, the person being prayed for might consider imprecatory. And what is being prayed for might be incompatible with Divine will for the person’s life. People who end prayers for others with the word, “Nevertheless, not my will be your will be done for [person’s name],” are standing on higher ground than those who pray selfishly that their own will for another person be done.  And then there are people who claim to know Divine will and pray from that perspective because, for example, “the Bible says so.” These people are to be forgiven for their lack of enlightenment.  As Jesus Christ is reported to have said, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

The level of consciousness and frequency/vibration (vibe) of the person praying attracts the attention of unseen ones who will seek to carry out the wishes of that person. In fact, people tend to have unseen ones of similar frequency around them at all times. If the person praying is of loving and helpful intent on an ongoing basis, he/she will have angels and beings of high consciousness respond to his/her prayers.  However, people with selfish and harmful intent will attract astral entities of lesser light and discarnates of similar frequency/vibration to respond to his/her prayers. People who are called to a higher purpose can also have unseen ones of lesser light around who are targeting them with negative intent—often in response to negative prayers and acts of black magic and witchcraft, and related practices of others.  (We check people undergoing analysis for the number of these and determine which are family/group/tribal and which are personal, and which of each are current life or other soul lives.)

As far as praying for another person in general, the highest and best prayer one can make on behalf of another is to address God/Divine/Creator/Great Spirit (according to preference) and then pray:  “May the life of [person’s name] be aligned with your will for [him or her]. May [person’s name] so live that all who meet [him or her] will be uplifted, all who bless [him or her] will be blessed, and all who give to [him/her] and serve [him/her] will receive the greatest satisfaction. If any should attempt to harm [person’s name], may they contact the light within [him/her] and be healed.”  One can end with “Amen” or “So be it.” 

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