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Friday, February 21, 2014


February 21, 2014

From time to time, individuals report psychic attacks, violations, and abuse they are experiencing. In addition to requesting assistance of the Angel-Light Team, we recommend the following.  Doing this every time one senses one is under attack will become more and more beneficial over time and reduce or even eliminate the number of incidences. (The word “entities” includes people.)

Affirm aloud from your point of power: “I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. In the name of Christ, I invoke the intervention of Christ Michael the Archangel and the Legion of Light on behalf of me and mine, and I invoke the intervention of the Warrior Angels of Christ on behalf of me and mine—now.  In the name of Christ and under the law of grace, I [your name] decree I Am calling forth, asking for, claiming, and giving thanks for your targeting of all entities that have been violating, abusing, attacking, oppressing, harming, and sabotaging me and mine, and all entities that have been projecting negativity to me and mine with laser beams of Divine light energy of the Christ vibration—over and over again—to transform their darkness into light and raise their vibration, and with laser beams of Healing Love Energy—over and over again—so they will feel the love and be healed—throughout space-time—throughout time-space—on a full and permanent basis—now.”

Far better be it to ask the heavenlies to engage the perpetrators directly than to engage them one’s own self.

We are the Angel-Light Team. Our purpose/mission is to facilitate the liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world who are drawn to our ministry. All who support our ministry with donations are specifically blessed.

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