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Sunday, April 20, 2014


April 20, 2014

Recently, there was a discussion on Facebook about elementals.  Seems a Facebook friend’s teenage daughter and her friends engage in some borderline dark arts and called up a leprechaun to protect this man’s rural Canadian home and property—where the family moved during the last few months. The following are my comments.

Oh, dear gad! I could write a book, but I'll try to make it short. As a long-time spiritual healer, this input is given: The mistake people make when they conjure up entities is that they don't always get what they order. Also, no matter how "light" an entity seems, it can change in an instant and turn on its hosts. Remember that there are varying degrees of "light."  It's not either-or. And then there is the matter of shapeshifters. There is a wealth of material on the Internet and in books about what can happen and often does. Praying in its various forms (calling upon Divine/Great Spirit/God/the Christed Ones/etc.)  invokes the "head honcho(s)" for whatever one wants (protection of home and property, for example), and it is safe.  Engaging in the dark arts causes trouble (eventually) and corrupts one's soul. Lower-level entities can be very deceiving. Mischievousness can turn into malice quickly.  Don't trust this entity. And that's my dollar's worth.

There are negative elementals and positive elementals. I have a lot of plant devas around my home and had some beautifully souled fairies off and on. Found a lephrechaun at a home where I was housesitting that was causing some issues with cats in the home (and they tend to be mischievous no matter what amount of light they carry). If someone is going to be intentionally calling elementals into one's life, it is helpful to specify the type of elementals you want. I suggest the descriptive words "benevolent" and "kind" and "generous." As I write this, I am warned, "You're not supposed to do that" and other words I won't share here. When I'm engaged in decorruption and decontamination of someone's energy and home, I specify "negative elementals" as contaminants--not elementals in general. However, I've noticed that there are healers who just specify elementals in general (meaning all elementals). I read once a year or two ago that the Archon Controllers had taken elementals from their original homes and placed them in human body-mind units to cause issues. Being willing to consider that, I communicated with the fairies in my body/energy and asked if that was true. It was! (And I just got tingles of confirmation!)  They were afraid to return to their home because they might get captured again.  So we had a new home created for them in a safe place in another vibrational realm, and they left.  I wept because I sure was going to miss them.  And have wet eyes now. The point is that they didn't belong trapped and stuck in my person--although they did feel safe and were at first concerned about leaving. So when we find elemental lifestreams lodged in human body-mind units, then we set them free and facilitate their placement elsewhere in a safe place.

Bottom line: Asking for assistance of elementals in general can get one into trouble, and we the Angel-Light Team advise against it. There are higher-level resources.

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