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Sunday, May 18, 2014


May 18, 2014

I subscribe to Sandra Walter’s ezine “Creative Evolution”  (www.sandrawalter.com). Here is an excerpt from the most recent ezine, titled “A Note on Energetic Intensity”: “Note where your attention is focused. Realize just how high of a vibration the level of Christ consciousness is, and what it takes to embody it. It brings about deep cellular rewrites as the crystalline activates in the body. It can be painful, uncomfortable, unusual. . . . Ascension affects all aspects of your journey--mental, emotional, egoic, spiritual, kharmic, and the physical. It’s not something that is bestowed upon you, it is offered as a possible experience.”

One of my prayers/affirmations has been (off and on for at least a decade), “I Am inviting the Christed Consciousness to overlay, enlighten, illumine, and work through my instrument now.”  When more of the Christed energy is downloaded or descends into one’s person, it must do so carefully so as not to “fry one’s circuits.” When it comes to Christ Consciousness, the frequencies and energy are best delivered in small doses rather than large doses.

I recognize that just asking for the embodiment of Christ Consciousness in one’s person is not all that is necessary to receive it.  Much is required of those that request it. Much is required. And who among us lives an exemplary life without any decisions that are incompatible with Christ Consciousness?  Not me for sure! And who among us can fully embody the Christed Consciousness?  Far be it from me to know. I don’t expect to fully embody Christ Consciousness this lifetime. Frankly, I was surprised to be shown a percentage on my mind screen that is above the medium point (scale of 1-100). It is my opinion that I haven’t been living the highest and best life and need to work on myself even more. 

I’m reminded that it is a process—not a goal.

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