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Sunday, July 27, 2014


July 27, 2014

We’ve posted several articles mentioning “the new earth” in one way or another.  In one a couple years or so ago, I shared a vision I had of the earth separating into two earths, with what looked like strings of glue between them.  It was like when baking breads, rolls, biscuits, etc. and you’re separating the dough into pieces and have lumps of dough in each hand, with strings of dough between the two before they are fully separated. I have received various pieces of information from  my Divine Support Team about ascension over the years.  Other teachers on the spiritual path have shared information with their readers on the subject, with most using the term “the new earth.”  Several weeks ago, I read an article using the term “the ascending earth” and immediately sensed that is a more accurate term—one I’ve adopted.

The general reality and opinion of spiritual teachers who write about the separating of the earth into two planets is that it is a vibrational event—not a physical event in the usual sense of the word.  Simply put, people of higher consciousness (at various vibrations) will ascend with the ascending earth, and people of lower consciousness (those who don’t have issues with greed and violence, for example) will remain with the descending earth. Whether or not “the old earth” will continue to descend is a matter of opinion, but I am one who calls it “the descending earth.”

One’s vibration is affected by many things—for the better or for the worse. I’m sure that readers can make a list of what increases/raises the vibration and what lowers/decreases the vibration.  We want to share some affirmations/decrees that can facilitate personal ascension.  Personally, I most often use this short format:  “I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. In the name of Christ Divine, I Am ______________--on a full and permanent basis now.” If you don’t already have a preferred format, reading the June 18, 2014 article titled “Affirmations, Decrees, Prayers” will assist you in so doing. The following are some of the affirmations/decrees I personally say aloud with firm intent as well as silently and also some others we have suggested to people when coaching in recent months.  These words go in the blank of the format.

--attuning to the ascending earth, aligning with the ascending earth, and living on the timeline of the ascending earth--; --grounding to the grid of the ascending earth--; --transcending the descending earth timeline and ascending on the ascending earth timeline--; --transcending the lower astral and ascending into the higher spiritual--; --transcending karma and ascending into grace--; --transcending the anti-Christ and ascending into Christ Divine--; --transcending confusion and ascending into clarity--; --transcending lethargy and ascending into passion--; --transcending death and ascending into fullness of life--; transcending the negative and ascending into the positive--; --transcending lack and limitation and ascending into unlimitedness and plenty--; --transcending depression and ascending onto gratitude--; --transcending disease and ascending into ease--; --transcending hell and ascending into heaven--; transcending the darkness of the underworld and ascending into the light of the heavens--; --transcending demonics and devils and ascending into angelics and angels--; --transcending heaviness and ascending into lightness--; --transcending disabilities and ascending into abilities--; --transcending all darkness and negativity and ascending into fullness of joy, fullness of light, and fullness of love.

Taking full breaths when affirming and decreeing is life-enhancing.  So practice breathing (in and out through the nose) until the entire trunk of the both seems to move out like a balloon when inhaling.  When inhaling, imagine your energy expanding beyond your body in all directions but especially oriented toward the area above your head. So doing will reinforce your intent of ascension. In fact, it would be a good idea to practice this breathing and expanding of energy until you sense you have mastered it before combining it with the decrees/affirmations.

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