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Saturday, August 23, 2014


August 23, 2014

I posted this update on Facebook:  I'm an advocate of "no-harm living"--as much as possible. To me that means not intentionally harming anything or anyone. Intentionally, because we all do so unintentionally (such as stepping on insects when walking in nature). I've been thinking that there is an extension of "no-harm living," and that is "benevolent living"--intentionally looking for and finding ways to assist others. There's a fine line between intervening and interfering, however. I'd rather err on the side of interfering occasionally rather than failing to intervene when there is a need. My metaphysical gifts/skills are very useful when making a decision, and sometimes my intervention is spontaneous.

A comment from a Facebook friend:  I agree about the insect thing. A metaphysical friend told me once that we are all serial killers. Shocked, I asked him, “Why?”  He asked me, “How many mosquitoes have you killed?”

My response: I do intentionally kill mosquitoes--and cockroaches. When I find other insects that get into my apartment I remove them without killing.  The exception is some small spiders, which I allow to stay.  And when I went to remove a praying mantis from my largest spider planet a couple weeks ago, I was instructed to let it be. So there it be! :-D At this time, I have about eighteen permanent plants in 10" pots and several in 6” pots around the small living area of my apartment--plus extras I've created to give away. So it is almost an indoor garden.  And insects will be attracted to it when I leave the door open while watering the flowers on the patio, etc. It's me and my plant family. I am blessed by the company of the plant devas.

Back to the subject of “benevolent living”:  With regard to humans, sometimes one has to make a quick decision as to whether an action could be perceived as interfering when it is meant as intervention.  An elderly man with a cane in the grocery store comes to mind.  I was waiting in line behind him.  He dropped the cane as he was pulling money out of his pocket.  I picked up the cane and handed it to him. He thanked me, but he could just as easily have glared at me and snatched it out of my hand.  Some people don’t appreciate intended acts of kindness. And there’s that perception issue. Truth is, a person intent on “benevolent living” can never be 100% sure that an act of kindness will be appreciated as an act of kindness.  Personally, I’m responsible for my own self and can attempt to make wise decisions. How someone chooses to react to my intended acts of kindness is their business—not mine. 

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