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Monday, November 10, 2014


November 10, 2014

When I was asking the Heavenlies of love and light and grace and mercy and healing and protection  for intervention on behalf of a “sister angel” this morning, weeping as I did so, I began to end my long prayer request with  “on a full and permanent basis now” but was corrected with the words “for the duration.”  For the duration--I’ve been given those words at other times in the past few months.

The word “duration” is defined as the length of time something continues or exists.  In the case of the “sister angel” for whom I asked assistance this morning, it would mean as long as she continues to incarnate on Planet Earth or as long as the current lifetime continues.  If one is asking for intervention on behalf of the people of a particular country (and I’ve been focusing on Mexico and the countries of Central America in recent weeks), then it would mean as long as the countries exist.   So understand that “the duration” can mean a short period of time or a lengthy period of time.

I am now very comfortable ending all my prayers and decrees and affirmations with the words  “for the duration” rather than “on a full and permanent basis now.”  Words in advance of “for the duration” can be “up and down the timelines, up and down the verticals” or “throughout space-time, throughout time-space” according to one’s inclination or the matter at hand.

For the duration.
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