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Friday, November 21, 2014


November 21, 2014

During a telephone consultation today with someone who is aware of soul dynamics, he/she wondered if perhaps the difficulties and stress he/she had experienced for many years was karma.  We confirmed that to be the case for about 25% of his/her challenges, 10% of which is related to the current life, and a large portion being specifically the karma of one facet of the soul.  There are several facets of the soul participating in his/her embodiment.  One’s individual facets bring all their talents and skills as well as their “sins” into the life when they join other facets with a human person.

The guidance and instructions we give one person may not be appropriate for all people.  However, the following prayer can be used by just about everyone when modified as presented in brackets to suit the individual.

First, breathe slowly and deeply until relaxed.  Then say these words slowly and aloud-- as sincerely (from the heart) as possible:

“My Divine [or Dear God],  [optional: in the name of Christ], I am asking you for the neutralizing of all effects of all harmful actions of me and mine and for the comfort and healing of all whom we have harmed, intentionally and unintentionally, including our own selves--throughout space-time and throughout time-space—now. And My Divine [or Dear God], [optional: in the name of Christ], I am asking your forgiveness of the sins of me and mine—our sins of omission and our sins of commission--throughout space-time and throughout time-space—now.  My Divine [or Dear God], please forgive the karma of me and mine and move us into a state of grace. Thank you.”

Speak this three times per session, and have at least one session a day or as many as three sessions a day.

Note:  The word “sins” is an archetypal word, and covers a broad territory.

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