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Tuesday, December 23, 2014


December 23, 2014

This article is about following one’s bliss, one’s desires of the heart, and sharing one’s gifts with the world, and a sharing of words of Steve Bhaerman (aka Swami Beyondananda), whose site is  www.wakeuplaughing.com. I had the privilege of meeting Steve and his wonderful wife in person many years ago at a Dallas gathering and know for a fact that his vibes are just as wonderful in person as on paper. He’s the real thing! Steve has made so many people  laugh over the years and brought people out of their doldrums, from inaction to action. What a gift to humanity!  

In my in-box today was Steve’s “A Work of Heart--Part Two: From Survival to Thrival,” and I want to share most, if not all of it, here. He begins with a quote of his alter ego,

Swami Beyondananda:  "It's time to move from a state of emergency to a space of emerge 'n see." Now here is the letter.

Dear Friends:  From the feedback I got, the Work of Heart piece struck a chord with those of you choosing to move past the field of survival to one of thrival. Declaring our work or works of heart sets us on course, but then how do we ground the ideal in the real deal, and translate the airy-fairy to the nitty-gritty?  My experience is, it often involves confronting the most formidable obstacle to manifestation--our own fears, ego-concerns and limited thinking.  Here is an example still very fresh in my mind.

Last Friday, as I sat poised to send out my request for support for the Wiki Politiki project, I was gripped by not just fear, but by terror. Even though everything -- including the quiet authoritative inner voice that speaks my deepest truth -- said go, go, go, there was something that was saying, "NO, NO, NO!"  I sat several times to meditate and check in, and each time that calm voice reassured me, "This is good to go." So finally, I hit send. All Friday evening, I felt waves of terror--very unfamiliar, but perhaps the acute expression of chronic low-level fear. Having grown up in a family that was "poor but proud" I learned it was better to suffer with "less than" than ask for help in gaining more. However, here is the problem -- and solution. I am so committed to my work of heart and so committed to using the gifts that have been given to me NOW, that I was able to override the fear. I sent the email, and in just one day, we reached 20% of our goal.

Three-and-a-half years ago, I was in financial peril. I wrote a posting, “Financial Dysfunction: It's Not the Heat, It's the Humility” and friends and strangers alike sent me money. My community came out for me because they sensed my survival was at stake, and that I was in the throes of emergency. We get these calls--and respond to them--all the time. A close friend or acquaintance suddenly has medical bills to handle, someone's home is washed away in a flood, or destroyed by fire, in a far off country there is an Ebola crisis or starvation. Our compassion prods us to give maybe a bit more than we think we can afford. And in the case of my community showing up for me, I am deeply grateful. 

While it was difficult enough to ask for help in a state of emergency, asking for support in a space of "emerge 'n see" was even more challenging. Every objection my prideful ego could offer popped into my mind: Who do I think I am? Can't I fund this by myself? Children are starving in Africa--ad nauseum.  And yet, in these evolutionary times I realized that I have a contribution to make, a gift to give, and I am not willing to settle for less, and so I moved past my discomfort to the next level of discomfort. Now I have to raise the rest of the money. And then I have to produce something timely and valuable. Gulp. The same objections might come up regarding your work of heart. All sorts of reasons, disguised as "reality," will offer one "out" after the other. Sometimes pride and ego are disguised as humility, sometimes as cynicism, sometimes as brilliant ideas that never get grounded enough to manifest. So I offer you the questions/challenges I am having to face myself: What will it take to launch your work of heart off of the field of dreams on to the playing field? What support do you need? Which fears must you face? What barriers must give way?

Finally, two more pieces of business related first to Work of Heart, second to Wiki Politiki. In the work of heart piece I quoted a feng shui master who said that when an object breaks, replace it with something more valuable. In case that sparked your curiosity, that teacher is Gayla Yates and she and her partner Barry Gordon have deep wisdom and practical insights to offer. Secondly, a few of you asked if you could make smaller contributions to Wiki Politiki or otherwise support my work. You can make a "loveraged buy-in" for any amount (not tax deductible) via my PayPal account  (swamib@saber.net) or buy in to my Wake Up Laughing Radio project at any level. (There will be more about that in coming weeks.)  You can also recommend the Swami and me to organizations in your community for our Wake Up Laughing, Wise Up Loving tour for 2015, or you can have me make a Skype appearance at your next meeting, or in your living room. You can even have me help you "humorize" your message for your business, organization or "cause".

Last night was the darkest day of the year (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) in two ways. First, it was the winter solstice, the longest night. Second, it was the new moon. So it was not only dark, it was darker than dark. I can't explain what or why, but in this deepest darkness I could sense a seed being ready to sprout this spring. The seed holds my work of heart, and yours, and in the words of Charles Eisenstein, "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible."  May it be so, and may we make it so on whatever small or large field has been given to us to cultivate.

[end of Steve’s words]

I carry around two “photos” I saved from Facebook and printed on photo paper.  One says:  “I am of infinite worth with my own Divine mission which I will strive to fulfill.”  The other says:  “I want to live, not just survive.”  What is your bliss?  Are you thriving—or just surviving?

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