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Saturday, January 31, 2015


January 31, 2015

When writing an email recently, “those of us with helping hearts” flowed out onto the screen. I had never used that term before, and it seemed to be inspiration for an article.

I subscribe to the “Daily Words” emails from Center for Spiritual Living of Dallas, Texas, and a recent one held my attention longer than most:  “Allow yourself to be supported. Ask for help. Reach out to others when you feel like you are not able to do or to handle it all.  You do not have to walk this path alone. Other people are one of the ways that Spirit [Divine/God] lifts and supports you. Asking for help and letting people into your life are the marks of a strong and self-assured person. Remember, you are loved and supported by the entire Universe!”

Some of us are helping-oriented, have helping hearts, automatically wanting to help when made aware of a need (but, admittedly, not always able to do so).  You won’t find us wishing harm to others with our minds (thoughts).  Then there are people who are a combination of both helping heart and harming mind—some more of harming mind than helping heart, but some more of helping heart than harming mind.  If you fit this description, next time you find yourself being angry at someone else and having negative thoughts about someone else, speak aloud, “Neutralize!”  Or, “Cancel”  Or, “Delete!”  Or a combination.  Some people are far more harming mind than helping heart and that is their primary orientation.  You may know someone like this.  They usually aren’t interested in changing and are intolerant of the differences in people and  critical of others.

Even I occasionally have to face and deal with negative thoughts about others—particularly those who have attacked me metaphysically or verbally or who have told lies about me to others or set their intent to sabotage my life and my ministry (because they have labeled me “New Age” or for some other reason). So I’m definitely not saintly!  Sometimes I affirm, “I open my heart to be a center of love and light. I open my being to be a channel of love and light.”  Having a helping heart doesn’t mean we allow others to harm us in any way.  One can address the issues and confront individuals without hostility and to ask Divine to touch their hearts and minds, to heal their hearts and minds, to enlighten them, etc. 

The Daily Words from Center for Spiritual Living above counsel us to ask others for help and support.  I have put a new HP laptop computer on my Amazon wish list and a new printer on my Amazon wish list. It’s time.

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