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Thursday, January 01, 2015


January 1, 2015

About 1993, I received a telephone call from a person who had driven to a Dallas suburb from about 75 miles away and found one of the brochures promoting my services that I had placed in a health food store.  She knew she was to call me to set a time for an immediate appointment.  Unfortunately, I told her that I didn’t have time that day and suggested that we visit the next time she was in the area.  When we ended our conversation, my guidance was that I was to call her back and make time to see her that same day. And that is what I did.  Despite never having before met in this life, I recognized her when we met.  We visited several times over a few weeks. She told me before she left that I had actually saved her life.  I only knew that I was serving as a Divine instrument and didn’t take any credit for any benefits she received in my presence, through my instrument. 

My friend returned to her out-of-state home base but came back to Texas again the next year for a visit, mostly lodging where I was lodging.  Recently, my friend reminded me of an experience  we shared in the food court of a local shopping mall.  As sat at a table in that very public, noisy place, she began weeping with joy as she received her “angel wings.” She said today that she knows it was because of being with me. I assume the angel facet of her soul self downloaded into the body. (My angel self has had a difficult time being in the body over the last 10 or so years, but that’s not the subject of this article.)

I want to introduce readers to my friend and angel sister Mirra Rose who is based on Maui.  Mirra has traveled in Europe, Japan, and elsewhere sharing her love and light and heavenly guidance for about twenty years now.  She also has consultations via Skype (as do I).  Her site is http://mirrarose.wordpress.com .  Mirra also can be found on Facebook. Mirra recently made an appearance on a spiritual network program based in Japan. The link is http://youtu.be/ZzM9AMQHgMQ .  She speaks in English, and the translator (also of high vibration) translates into Japanese. In this appearance, Mirra shares her personal process of ascension over the last couple years (which, no doubt, will assist those who hear her words with their own ascension process), and she gives the best description of ascension that I've read or heard. Also discussed is cellular consciousness, the higher self, and related topics. This isn’t channeling; it is Mirra expressing her loving, high-vibration Divine self. After the first hour, Mirra opens to questions on topic, and more good information is provided. At one point she goes into bliss, and you might think the video is ending, but that isn't the case.  The video starts a bit rough but smoothes out very quickly.

After watching the video today, I almost immediately was notified by Skype that Mirra was online, considered that Divine synchronicity, and gave her a ring. We hadn’t shared a Skype visit in about six months, and it was wonderful to speak face-to-face after so much time. I highly recommend treating yourself to a Skype session with Mirra Rose.

May all who read this article experience ascending into higher consciousness and higher love in the year ahead. May all be well with you! May there be plenty for you!

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