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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


April 21, 2015

Recent Angel-Light post on Facebook:  “Late yesterday after I had laid me down to sleep, I noticed there was a strong odor of cigar smoke in my apartment. We're a building with four apartments, and none of us smokes or welcomes smokers into our homes. I've been here five years, so I should know. This morning, I smelled the odor again--just in the living room with me, and I began to suspect there was an earthbound or lost or misplaced spirit hanging around. So I called in assistance and released the spirit to its "heavenly home," and the odor went away. I'm 75% clairolfactory, which means I can smell odors of energies and entities and other things most people cannot.

Comment of FB Friend:  Now that's pretty neat! I have heard of people smelling things like roses, but never cigar smoke! I wonder how this smell works on a metaphysical level and how we receive this information?

Angel-Light Response:    Some of us have more of certain spiritual gifts/metaphysical skills than others of us. Many are innate and/or can be developed through prayer and meditation and intent. A few can be somewhat taught. I think it's more a matter of spiritual development over lifetimes, although our extraterrestral/extradimensional creators and guardians can install some of these in our programs and encodements. In fact, some of us (souls) serve as guardians in other lives/expressions and between earthly lives. 

For the record, when one smells roses when there are none around, that is usually an indication of angels around who elect to reveal their presence by infusing the air with the fragrance of roses (and not all do). 

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