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Sunday, May 24, 2015


May 24, 2015

It occurred to me recently that I didn’t have a definition of the term “Christ Consciousness.”  I only had a knowingness that I couldn’t explain much beyond the consciousness and actions and words of Jesus Christ being the example of it. In fact, a mistake people make, seems to me, is not considering the words claimed to be those of Jesus Christ from a cosmic perspective. 

When I did an Internet search of the term “Christ Consciousness,” I found various meandering words, but not much in the way of simple, concrete words.  I did find that Edgar Cayce, a psychic and mystic who worked from Virginia Beach, Virginia much of his life, saw Christ Consciousness as the pattern set by the example of the life of Jesus Christ.  That definition matched my thoughts more than any other (although not my full knowingness).  I also found in the results of my Internet search that “Christ Consciousness” is considered by many to be synonymous with “Cosmic Consciousness.”

When contemplating "Christ Consciousness" later, I remembered Norman Paulsen’s  1980 book titled “Christ Consciousness,” which is among my permanent collection—not to be loaned or given away as I have done with many others.  Here’s an excerpt from the introduction:

Christ Consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness is a higher state of consciousness than self-consciousness, or simple-consciousness, which pervades the races of humanity on this planet today. Christ Consciousness is, in fact, 180 degrees away from self-consciousness and exists upon the highest plane of reality. In humans, there are three states of consciousness in evidence today.

The first is simple-consciousness, which is possessed by human beings and also higher forms of the animal kingdom. In this state, the entity is aware of its body, its needs, and the fact that it is separate from all other forms of life around it. Simple-consciousness is driven by instinct (Mother’s and Father’s nature), to go and acquire food, shelter, and bodily comforts. Simple-consciousness groups together for survival and procreation.  

Self-consciousness is all of this and more. Self-consciousness begins to fully express selfishness, for it distinctly sees the physical body as totally separated from the creation which surrounds it. Self-consciousness begins to store mental images of all which it beholds and now desires to possess. These mental images are expressed in verbal languages and writings (i.e., the arts, crafts, sciences and religions). These self-consciousness abilities raise the creature human far above the highest state of simple-conscious expression.  In fact, an enormous distance separates the two.

Christ or Cosmic Consciousness is the third state and is as far above self-consciousness, as self-consciousness is beyond simple-consciousness. In this state, the creature human is now aware of the two former states of consciousness, as both are still functioning within Christ Consciousness. Therefore, full understanding of all life-forms and images is now available [emphasis added].   Christ or Cosmic Consciousness implies [emphasis added] an illumination or understanding of the whole cosmos, the expanding Sphere of Creation.  Along with this tremendous enlightenment comes the intellectual illumination, the incredible ability to speak and describe all which it sees as if from the center of all created images and thought forms. The creature human has now become a member of a new species on earth. . . . There is a quickening of the moral sense which is a contribution to the whole human race along with the enhanced intellectual powers; the most profound of all is the soul’s sense of immortality, the consciousness of eternal life. This is not a conviction that one shall have this, but the absolute consciousness that one already has it. . . .”

What I have learned over the years of reading, studying, discussing, experiencing, assisting others, etc. is that people can be of Christ Consciousness in varying degrees. It’s not he or she is or he or she isn’t; it’s not all or nothing.

Norman Paulsen’s “Christ Consciousness” is 496 pages, with about 100 illustrations, drawings, and maps, and is easy to read. It tells the story of his life and experiences (beginning with coming into the body as fully conscious and remaining so) and relates the thoughts and experiences of others.  Some of the 48 chapters are: Life with Yogananda; A Vision of Christ; A Face-to-Face Encounter with “I Am That I Am”; The Ancients in Central and South America; The Gods from Space; Vision of a Ghost Ship; The Initiation in the Desert; The Destruction of Mu and the Western Civilizations; The Creation of the Race of Adam; The Baptism of Fire.  I’ve read it at least two times over the years and read parts of it many times more. It is still available if you’re interested.

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