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Saturday, June 13, 2015


June 13, 2015

Some words of Cosmic Carla Fox (http://thecarlafoxblog.blogspot.com) in a recent blog article caught my attention:  “In the past, I did do psychic readings first as a part of a spiritual group that I was involved with in the 90’s and later as a shamanic practitioner.  It was very unsatisfying work for me, as I could see the distorted energy that needed to be healed while I was delivering the information in the reading.  Something told me that not only would the information that I was giving not be acted upon, but the healing work would not be pursued, either.  One can become a [psychic] ‘reading’ junkie, going either for many readings from the same practitioner, or going from practitioner to practitioner looking for answers.  Not that the information given isn’t valid in most cases, but what would keep the person continually seeking and depending on that outside source of information?  About 10 years ago, I stopped doing [psychic] readings and concentrated on my healing practice, instead.”

I have been aware of what have seemed to be psychic reading “junkies” over the last thirty or so years, since I found the Dallas-Fort Worth wholistic community. I consider “psychic readings” to be about future life events of people wanting to know their futures.  As part of our ministry, we the Angel-Light Team give out a lot of information, but we don’t give readings about the future.  Sometimes we will provide tidbits of information related to the future “as the energy is now” if we deem it appropriate and beneficial.  However, we want the seeker to understand that his or her choices (and the choices of other people involved) can shift things in an instant. In general, we don’t provide “psychic readings.” Our ministry is about spiritual and metaphysical healing—about empowering those who seek assistance.

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