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Friday, July 03, 2015


July 3, 2015

The following is excerpted from an email I sent someone this morning.

About searching the internet for information and articles:  If you find an article written by someone who uses a strange name and doesn't reveal a photo or anything about self, then question the information.   If info is presented in a super sensational manner or with profanity, question it. Give your attention to information presented in a non-sensational manner by people who identify themselves and share personally from time to time.

If "channeled" info is accompanied by "Dear Ones" and similar syrupy words, definitely question it!.  Those entities who do this often put some truths in their words so they can more easily spoon feed their deceptive words to people who hang onto every word of "channelers."  Info that is presented as "channeled" in a non-dramatic fashion and without "sweet talk" deserves consideration.  An exception:  If "channeled" information is only to convey love and not to provide information about events and goings on around the world, then it can be accepted at face value.  What some people don't realize is that some "channelers" aren't "channeling" strangers/foreigners but are speaking as wiser, higher-vibrational aspects of their own multidimensional soul selves (aka infinite selves and eternal selves).  In fact, many “channelers” don’t even recognize this about their own selves. These "channeled" words  of love found on the Internet can be accepted at face value in my opinion--just as one would accept the words of a respected teacher in personal interactions. 

Of course, there can be exceptions to all of the above. A good rule of thumb is: Question everything—especially that which originates outside one’s self.

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