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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


July 15, 2015

In communications with another healing/wellbeing facilitator this month, I’ve gained clarity and found more puzzle pieces to explain something that has been going on in this life for some time.   When searching for information, it is wise to consider the many lives of the Oversoul via its individual expressions throughout space-time/time-space. In this article, I will come from the perspective of Oversoul.

Back about 400 years after the fall of Atlantis, I lived as a high priestess in the area of ancient Egypt.  I had a flashback (or flashover, if you have the perspective that all lives are lived simultaneously) to that life back about 1990.  I was in a sewing store with a friend, looking for new buttons for an article of clothing she wanted to take on a vacation.  A large button caused the flashback. I switched into that life of the high priestess.  There was something hanging over the third eye area of my forehead, and a bright beam of life seemed to be emanating from it, or perhaps the light beams were coming from my hands, which were aimed from outstretched arms at a large number of people in the huge main room of the temple beneath the balcony where I was standing. It was very powerful, and I grabbed a shelf or counter to keep from falling there in the store. I switched back when I heard my friend voice these words: “Are you okay?  You turned white!”   She noticed that I was visibly shaken.  That feeling remained intense for hours, and it took a few days for the feeling to fade.

Recently, I was informed that a dark-hearted man who engages in the dark arts with others and has targeted me for years in this life was a high priest (a life of his Oversoul) who began his attempts to control and use me during that lifetime. To reveal how he has used and abused me and others during this lifetime would take several chapters in a book. And that’s just what I know. No doubt, there is much more that I don’t know about.  

I rejected him in this life, as I rejected him in many other lives. Are you aware that energy bits and soul fragments of others can be with you—or even in your space?  Adept dark operatives can do this consciously and intentionally. They can place their essence in and on the auric field of others. When this is done for malevolent purposes rather than to assist another, it is a gross violation of the boundaries of the other.  Through intimacy with family and lovemates, this can happen naturally.  It happens in co-dependent relationships as well. And when one person overly obsesses about another person, it can also happen. A facet of the Oversoul of the dark-hearted man comes around and hovers in my field and tries to enter my body.  He feeds off my energy, as he does that of others.  Throughout this and other lives, he communicates:  “I’m using you.”  “I’m more powerful than you are.” “I control you.”  “You’re my property.” When he is successfully corded/connected to me, I telepathically pick up parts of his conversations, including his name and names of associates, and locations in the state where he lives. I won’t reveal any more of his dark and evil deeds in this life, his manipulations and deceiving of others, his using of others to do his wishes as if he is some Mafia kingpin or drug lord—an obese one. The persona/façade he presents is not who he is at all. And so many people have been fooled (myself included) in this life. The Oversoul facet is able to shape-shift into various forms and reveal himself to others who are sufficiently clairvoyant to see him in my field. Otherwise, he shows up as a dark blob.   When I sense that he is in my space or connected with me, I have to spend time clearing and disconnecting—time that could be better spent facilitating healing/wellbeing for others.

Knowledge is power. I continue to learn.  I expect to be finally free of the evil one before this life ends.

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