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Monday, August 17, 2015


August 17, 2015

Since I began the Internet version of the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ in 2004, I have written about the various types of lifestreams that can extend/download into human body-mind units for various reasons—some short-term and some for many years and some coming and going often.  I (and others on the Internet) have also written about souls who have lived angel lives and have angel facets/aspects/units.  In recent months, different of my angel selves have once again been activated to express through this human body-mind unit (after a period of rest and recuperation). 

Here’s an excerpt from the May 9, 2005 blog titled “My Angel Body”:

Had an interesting experience recently. I became so "sleepy" in the middle of the afternoon that I could not hold my eyes open, so I laid me down and closed the eyes. Immediately went into an altered state of consciousness and saw my human body. I was stunned to see an angel with eyes closed being pulled out of the body in the head and shoulders area by several other angels. She was left partly in the body while the body was swept by others. Then she was gently replaced back in the body. When this happened, I felt a flood of tears falling down my cheeks, and I realized I had been observing my own angel self. The human body felt lighter and clearer after that, and I opened my eyes and went about my business.

I shared this experience with one of my Yahoo groups and received an interesting response from a female who seems to live somewhere other than the U.S. (and who hasn't been a group member very long). She said that after she read my posting she felt the need to share her experiences of recent weeks with me. Apparently, I have been visiting with her and teaching her when her body is asleep for about two weeks now. She didn't know who it was until she awoke hearing my name a few days ago. She said that what we discuss has great meaning. She's been going through a difficult situation for some time now, and said I've been teaching her, helping her. She described "my spirit" as a kind, loving spirit, who loves to teach others. She said I instructed her (and very firmly) to follow the laws of the universe in the situation. She ended her post with: "Angel-Light Love, I thank you for coming to me and telling me how to remember! Your spirit is a very joyous, loving spirit." Over the years since I walked in and began my mission, people have reported that I have visited them to teach and also to heal. I have actual memory of visiting people who had sought out my assistance and scanning and questioning their bodies to determine the problem. Also, people have reported visitations from angels who said they were from Angel-Light and were there to check them out (before healing sessions).

Here’s an excerpt from “Touching Hearts, Healing Hearts,” posted on the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ on December 22, 2005:

I became aware of myself [my angel self] traveling out of the body one recent morning, going from person to person, and touching each one gently on the front of the body at the heart center (and sometimes at the back of the heart center, too). I felt full of love as I touched the people, chanting "touching hearts" over and over. As I became more aware, I added "healing hearts," chanting "touching hearts, healing hearts." I also spent some time helping other angels intervene for people in trouble. . . .

It's not easy for angels to live in this world and work through human body-mind units.  I personally know of other human body-mind units hosting angels. . . . This “angel on mission” has had a rough time living this life, made a lot of mistakes, experienced a lot of interference. . . .

Of course, there have been many other angel experiences over the years. Perhaps the experiences shared here have awakened a reader to his/her own “angel self” or confirmed suspicions of a reader or validated the knowing of a reader.  If such is the case, feel free to share via email.  When such sharing becomes part of ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ articles, any identifying information is disguised.

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