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Wednesday, September 09, 2015


September 9, 2015

As I was walking toward a particular section of our neighborhood thrift store yesterday, my eyes fell on a book that was out of place, on top of a large container of something else.  That book was Gary Zukav’s “The Seat of the Soul,” which was copyrighted in 1989.  I had read the book long ago, but I picked it up for purchase for two reasons.  Number one, it was conspicuous in my path.  Number two, I had posted an article to my ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ titled “Life Purpose”  just an hour or so before. When I emptied the bag of my purchases later, I placed it beside where I sit when not at computer.

Later in the day, I picked up the book and placed a thumbnail in a spot at random and opened to read.  Aha!  Something to add to my collection of favorite quotes! When scanning and reading pages surrounding those words, I decided that I wanted to write more on the subject of soul purpose (but with a similar title). But first, I’ll share a little basic information about “The Seat of the Soul,” a popular best seller, for those who aren’t acquainted with it or have forgotten about it—as I had.  There are 256 pages, including foreword and index.  The Introduction is divided into chapters titled Evolution, Karma, Reverence, and Heart.   The Creation section has chapters titled Intuition, Light, Intention I, and Intention II.  The Responsibility section has Choice, Addiction, Relationships, and Souls.  The section titled Power has chapters on Psychology, Illusion, Power, and Trust.  From this one can see, that it is designed for easy reading.

When I put my thumbnail in a spot and opened the book, I found myself in the chapter on Trust.  Another synchronicity, for this person’s life has been one with major trust issues.  I’ll share some excerpts here that seem like a continuation and expansion of my “Life Purpose” blog article.  Before doing so, I want to make it clear that I don’t necessarily agree 100% with Gary Zukav’s thoughts and ideas.

“. . . Before it incarnates, each soul agrees to perform certain tasks upon the Earth. It enters into a sacred agreement with the Universe to accomplish specific goals. . . . Each soul takes upon itself a particular task. It may be the task of raising a family, or communicating ideas through writing, . . . Whatever the task that your soul has agreed to, whatever its contract with the Universe, all of the experiences of your life serve to awaken within you the memory of the contract, and to prepare you to fulfill it. . . . An unempowered personality cannot complete the task of its soul. It languishes in an inner sense of emptiness. It seeks to fill itself with external power, but that will not satisfy it. This sense of emptiness, or something missing, or of something wrong, cannot be healed by satisfying the wants of the personality. . . . Only when the personality begins to walk the path that its soul has chosen will it satisfy its hunger.”

From these words of Gary Zukav, the reader can understand that shifting into soul consciousness and living as soul are top priorities (something I’ve emphasized many times on the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ site). Now here are the words that I intend to add to my collection of quotes:

“When the deepest part of you becomes engaged in what you are doing, when your activities and actions become gratifying and purposeful, when what you do serves both yourself and others, when you do not tire within but seek the sweet satisfaction of your life and your work, you are doing what you were meant to be doing.  The personality that is engaged in the work of its soul is buoyant. It is not burdened with negativity. It does not fear.  It experiences purposefulness and meaning. It delights in its work and in others. It is fulfilled and fulfilling.”

On the other hand, when one is unable to freely engage in the soul’s work, for whatever reason, the person doesn’t thrive and, over time, the spirit withers and shrivels. Perhaps the reader may think of family members or acquaintances who seem to have given up or seem defeated by living. Unfortunately, this condition is common.

Here’s more from Gary Zukav:

“There is no single optimal path for the soul. There are many optimal paths. With each choice, you immediately create numerous paths within a choice, one of which is then optimal.  In other words, the optimal path of your soul is the choice of awareness, the vertical path. Once you have made that choice, then come the various forms of enactment.”

I would like to add here that there are those of us embodied souls who are blessed to be very clear on what the nature of our work is and even how we are to go about it. Some people aren’t as clear, but that doesn’t mean that soul’s goals and plan have to be elusive.  Read yesterday’s article, “Life Purpose,” for more clarity. And, if you haven’t read Gary Zukav’s “The Seat of the Soul,” do so. For that matter, if it has been many years since you read this best-selling book, read it again.

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