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Saturday, October 17, 2015


October 17, 2015

I heard a short mention of “non-beneficial energy lines” in a video I listened to recently and made myself a note to check out the term, which I hadn’t read or heard before.  Later, when conferencing with the Angel-Light Team, I discovered that this is a specific category that we don’t fully cover in the Energy Analysis and the Divine Reconnective Healing Process. We cover negative and harmful cords and connections in the DRH Process, but not “energy lines.”   So why wasn’t I told about this before?  I hadn’t asked!  Sigh!

An opposite of “beneficial” is “detrimental,” so I thought about using that word instead of “non-beneficial.”  But that didn’t seem quite right.  Considered “harmful,” but that seemed too extreme and unnecessary.  Settled on “negative energy lines” with approval of the Angel-Light Team.

Many times I learn more about a particular issue by surveying people on the current list and usually add a few others for more variety.  Such was the case when checking people for “negative energy lines.”   For example, people who have had traumatic experiences seem to have a large number, as do people who engage in the dark arts (aka occult practitioners on the left-hand path).    Researching issues and analyzing the energy of people fascinates me. 

Over many years, I have learned a lot about how people can improve their lives via spiritual healing and energy clearing.  Working with the Angel-Light Team on behalf of others is such a blessing!

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