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Sunday, November 08, 2015


November 8, 2015

As have many others, I  have experienced metaphysical abuse after offering assistance to others—not everyone, of course, but cases where an individual is strongly targeted.   About 25 years ago, I remember offering a simple prayer for a man having a difficult time and who seemed to have been a target his entire life.  He had told me much of his story and history. My guidance was that he was a general in Christ Michael the Archangel’s army/legion of light/light force, which was also told me by an elder female, a gatekeeper of sorts for Archangel Michael, who knew the man.  After praying for the man and closing my eyes for sleep, there were several bad nightmares of people I loved being killed.  I have not had such nightmares before or since. Obviously, the dark overlords (fallen ones) who control this level of existence didn’t want him here.   I’m familiar with some of the trials and tribulations of those agents of Christ Michael the Archangel (called “Michaels” by some) because Archangel Michael gave me my own sword in the 1980s.  I have had people walk up to me at wholistic places and events and validate my being “a Michael.”   The elder mentioned previously in this paragraph validated that, but told me that I’d be “behind the front lines” while the man we both knew was “on the front lines.”  My mistake was asking Archangel Michael to be placed on the front lines. Whew!   At a session with a healer friend several years after being given my sword, I was also given a huge emerald cross to wear around my neck.  He saw it first.  I haven’t been the best “light warrior” over the years and have even rebelled from time to time.  Since I gave up the “traveling angel” lifestyle, I haven’t been of as much value to Archangel Michael.  One reason is that when “Michaels” on the front lines live in one place and aren’t in circulation (such has been my case for over five years), it is easy for the fallen ones/dark overlords to target us. 

And this is why these days I sometimes decline to get much involved with assisting people who have been undergoing major psychic attacks/metaphysical abuse for a lengthy period of time.  

I’ve heard from people over the years who claim they are under “psychic attack” and think that other people and demons and devils are targeting them. They can be correct.  However, sometimes we find that the abuse is coming from their body mind because there is fragmentation of the personality.  To put it simply, when there is major fragmentation (due to trauma during the lifetime and/or other reasons), and the needs of the various fragments aren’t being met, there can be rebellion and even attempts to take over the life and be in control.  In the most severe cases, when an individual becomes dysfunctional and a danger to self and/or others, mental health professionals label this Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder) and attempt to integrate the personality.  Sometimes they aren’t entirely successful; however, once the individual is brought to a satisfactory level of functioning and stable, there doesn’t seem to be a need to continue to labor for years in attempts to fully integrate the personality. That’s up for the mental health professional to determine.  (In some cases, there are also attached and entrenched human spirits contributing to an individual’s dysfunction, but we won’t go into that in this article.)

The Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis of the Angel-Light Team is designed to uncover information about what is causing issues and dysfunction and metaphysical abuse/psychic attacks.

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