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Sunday, November 22, 2015


November 22, 2015

Someone asked me recently how he could manage his panic attacks so that they aren’t as frequent or as lengthy.  He had tried various remedies over the years, but none seemed to work well. I made a few suggestions and will continue to make suggestions.  However, first, it is to understand that it is also important to find the underlying spiritual and metaphysical causes of the panic attacks (different for each individual) and treat those as well.  Failure to do so can be like putting on a band aid when surgery is needed.

Something that can provide immediate relief is breathing slowly and deeply. One method is to take a deep breath through your nose and slowly pull air down into the lower portion of your diaphragm. You should notice your abdomen expanding.  Then slowly release the air out through the mouth as your abdomen moves back into rest position.  Take seven to ten complete breaths as described. Another method is to breathe as instructed, but exhale to the count of six, hold the breath to the count of six, and inhale to the count of four and begin the exhale to the count of six immediately. Again, seven to ten complete breaths are recommended. (If you are unable to breathe in this manner immediately, practice will eventually make it easy for you.)

Something that has proven to be effective for panic attacks as well as other conditions is to breathe as first described but, rather than counting, to think words along with the breaths.  Usually, each syllable matches an inhale or an exhale.  For example, use “at” when inhaling and “ease” when exhaling, and/or use “peace” when inhaling and “calm” when exhaling. Also useful can be “safe” when inhaling and “sound” when exhaling.  Two words with two syllables each can also be used with two breaths, such as “center” and “balance.” Use one syllable of each word for each inhale and exhale.  There are three syllables to the three words “all is well.” Some people like to think silently the words “all is” on the inhale and “well” on the exhale.  Others like to think “all” on the inhale and “is well” on the exhale.  Use whatever is most comfortable. Always keep in mind that the breaths are the most important part of this formula.  The words are secondary.

This technique can also be used for conditions other than panic attacks, with such words as “quiet mind,” “strong body, healthy mind,” “healthy, happy,” “center, balance,” “I Am,” and “strong body, healthy mind.”  The reader can, no doubt, think of more.

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