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Friday, March 25, 2016


March  25, 2016

When reading in the Dallas Morning News today, there was a movie review of “Midnight Special,” about a boy with special powers, and included a photo of the actor who portrays the boy with light seeming to be emanating from his raised hand. The theme of the movie is that a father and son are fleeing authorities who are very interested in the boy’s special powers.

When I saw the photo, I remember a night time experience I had in a semi-rural area with lots of trees.  While attending a gathering of wholistically-inclined people one night, I stepped outside where there were many trees to soak in the ambience.  There was a large dog, so I moved slowly and carefully--not wanting to excite it.  However, when I extended my arms and began moving my hands and arms and body in a gentle dance, the dog began jumping and barking while watching my hands move and moving his head every time my hands moved. When I stopped, he stood still, but waited in anticipation until I began again.  And then I perceived that there was sparkling light emanating from my hands.  Realizing I would be unable to follow my Spirit without exciting the dog, I elected to go back inside. Maybe, at that time, I just needed to be reminded of the light energy flowing through my instrument.

Animals can sense what the average person cannot. Stories of dogs barking in homes at things unseen by human eyes are common on the internet. I have a history of cats placing themselves underneath my hands and moving their body to receive energy wherever they wish.  I just dangle the hand, allow the Healing Love Energy to flow, and let the cats do the work.

There have been many times in public places and gatherings when, sitting quietly, I feel energy move through and recognize it’s happening for some purpose—without my directing it.  There have been people who sense what is happening and look at me knowingly and smile.  People who are not as awake and aware, especially when in public places, sometimes intuit the direction of the energy and look at me in various stages of disbelief.  Some even make a point of initiating a conversation to learn more and report that they feel better or are no longer having pain. 

We flow Healing Love Energy remotely and for local people as well.  However, if the individual soul or the body consciousness is reluctant to receive or refuses the energy, then it is usually of little effect.  I can consciously direct the energy or just allow the angel(s) sending it through my instrument to direct it. It is up to the body receiving to use it where needed. That’s how it works. We also do some psychic surgery—by astral traveling to the individual who has requested assistance or remotely, using a photo as a homing device. But that is not the subject of this piece.

In service, we are Angel-Light Love & Team.  Through this embodiment, we have facilitated the awakening, liberation, healing, wellbeing, enlightenment, and ascension of people around the world for over 25 years. Our ministry, currently named Healing Love Lighthouse, became official in 1990.  Healing Love Lighthouse isn't a fee-for-services ministry, but a heart-centered ministry supported by donations to Angel-Light Love. If this article and/or our ministry have benefited you in some way, please consider supporting the health and wellbeing of Angel-Light.   We are currently accepting donations at https://gofundme.com/angellightlove (fundraiser for automobile) and via the donate button on the ♥Angel-Light Beamer♥ at http://angel-light-love-healing.blogspot.com and direct to Angel-Light Love at the mailbox address, which is: 760 Castleglen Dr., Box C, Garland, Texas 75043. May all be well with you.  May there be plenty for you. 

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