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Sunday, March 20, 2016


March 20, 2016

Recently, an article by Kim Hutchinson titled, “Awakening to Your Full Potential” was shared on www.in5d.com. It begins:  “Spiritual seekers who are on the path to re-enlightenment tend to fall into one of the following seven categories. A person can go through these levels in almost any order. That’s because we all awaken in our own way, at our own pace. For instance, some people need multiple catalysts in order to fully own their spiritual power so they may continue to cycle back to the first level. Others may skip several stages and end up living the life their soul intended without having gone through the same trials. At whichever stage you find yourself, trust that you are exactly where you need to be at this time. Also know that if you repeat a certain stage, you are helping to solidify the lesson.”  I’ll include the list of seven levels without the paragraphs accompanying, but I do recommend you read the entire article at http://in5d.com/which-of-the-7-stages-of-spiritual-awakening-did-you-experience.  

The levels/stages are:  the catalyst, a shift in perception, journey of discovery, seeking to understand, developing your spiritual gifts, owning your spiritual gifts, and reintegrating with your Soul. 

Reintegrating with your Soul. Now that’s a good one, and worth sharing more from Kim’s article.  At this stage, according to Kim, you begin to manifest a life that is in true alignment with your highest self. You may lose previous fears, interests, and desires and create, play, and laugh like a child.  You begin letting go of the need to control, worry, and plan and live more fully in the now.  You also think about life outside of third dimension/density earth.  Kim reports that at this level/stage, you are no longer as wrapped up in the drama of ego and experience inner stillness.

Regular readers know that we emphasize the power of the spoken word and usually start with using the spoken word to achieve this, that, and the other, beginning with your statement of being. Here’s an example:  “I Am [your name], a sovereign being. In the name of the Christ [or the Light, or the Christed Consciousness], I [your name] decree I Am integrating fully [or 100%] with my Soul consciousness—on a full and permanent basis—now.”  Or try this:  “I Am [your name], a sovereign being. In the name of the Christ [or the Light, or the Christed Consciousness], I [your name] decree I Am integrating my body mind fully [or 100%] with my Soul mind--on a full and permanent basis—now.”

There are reasons that one’s soul might not be fully integrated, which is why affirming in this fashion from time to time can be useful.  At this time, Angel-Light’s integration is at 100%.  At this time.  You see, integration can decrease and increase. It’s dynamic, not static.

Let us go beyond this “reintegrating with Soul” and add a little more information. We’ve mentioned and discussed the Multidimensional Soul Self numerous times on the ♥Angel-Light Beamer ♥.  A goal is to download and activate your Multidimensional Operation System.  The spoken words could be:   “I Am [your name], a sovereign being. In the name of the Christ [or the Light, or the Christed Consciousness], I [your name] decree I Am downloading and optimally activating my Multidimensional Operating System—on a full and permanent basis—now.”   Bear in mind that this is also dynamic rather than static.

In case the reader is the type of person who wants to skip the practices leading up to spiritual awakening and get right to the results, we don’t recommend so doing.  This is like building a temple on quicksand rather than rock.  It can be compared to a spontaneous kundalini awakening without proper preparation—although, admittedly, maybe not quite as dangerous.  Seek you the first the kingdom of Divine within you. Meditate and go within to the secret place of the most high. Place your person in quiet, peaceful settings in nature as often as possible. Be cognizant of what words your ears are hearing via radio and television, and what scenes your eyes are seeing.  Strive to be heart-centered and practice lovingkindness.  We’re not asking the reader to “be a saint,” but these practices will greatly facilitate one’s spiritual awakening.

Peace, be still. Be still and know I Am—often.

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