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Sunday, May 22, 2016


May 22, 2016

Today, Michelle Walling (www.michellewalling.com and www.cosmicstarseeds.com) posted a very long update on Facebook that she titled “How to React to Facebook Naysayers.”  I want to share some important excerpts here.  In my opinion, the Facebook post really should be an article for sharing elsewhere, and I suspect Michelle will do that.

When the Earth is bathed with intense waves of light and information, everyone will go where their DNA imprint and frequency will take them. Some will go to cities of light where they are cleansed, taught about new ways of living, and taken to the New Earth. Some Starseeds will go home to their planet or spaceship to prepare for their next adventure or mission. Extremely negative beings will be drawn back to Source and received with unconditional love. Some will go to another third dimensional reality to finish out their mission of being negative until they remember that all come from the one Source. They knew that Earth's ascension would just be a sneak preview and taste of their grand awakening experience happening on another planet. They will be the wayshowers there and their souls will grow tremendously from the experience. . . .  I know that there is a deep longing to take as many people as possible to the New Earth. We cannot influence their free will or their soul's path. I really feel at this point that our souls have made the vibrational stamp as to where they will go and we are just waiting for the light waves. So be gentle with others and honor their own path. . . . We have a deep desire to comfort each other in knowing that everything is going to be alright. Everything will be better than all right, and if we trip and fall at the finish line, do not worry, because someone will be there to pick you up and help you across. . . . In conclusion, everyone will see this process we are going through a bit different. There are no words to describe what is actually occurring, and I guarantee that no one in a physical body has the absolute of what is happening. Think about the reasoning behind your actions and take the highest path possible in the highest vibe. You are not here to save anyone. . . . Being responsible for ourselves is what will make a difference as we move towards freedom from a very twisted reality.

I resonate majorly with Michelle’s philosophy and truths and recommend the reader check out her sites.

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