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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


by Angel-Light Love of Texas, July 27, 2016
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Recently, I read a long article by Tom Montalk (www.montalk.net) titled, “The Mimicry of Alien Contact by Occult (Non-Alien) Entities” on www.wakeup-world.com.  This article was originally published in the “Journal of Abduction Research.”  I’ve been familiar with Tom Montalk’s work for many years. Because there are people experiencing metaphysical abuse who contact me to ask for assistance from the Angel-Light Team, I am excerpting parts of Tom’s article here. These people will most understand and appreciate this information, and perhaps gain a measure of clarity about their experiences.  To all readers:  Please read objectively, from a witness standpoint, and don’t get emotionally caught up in the information.  And don’t “throw the baby out with the bath water.”  If you can’t quite grasp some of the information, read on for information you better understand. 

The term “occult entities” (OEs) refers to non-alien autonomous intelligences lacking physical bodies. For purposes of this article, the case is limited to the more malevolent or mischievous types . . .  [Insert from previous text:  Their ability to induce guided hallucinations in the vulnerable means they can project whatever scenario and cast of characters they wish.]   The more sentient OEs inhabit the astral plane in their native, weakened, or dormant state. There, they can affect us mentally and emotionally because our astral body extends into the astral plane. More specifically, it is the parts of our astral body that “vibrate” at “their level” that are amenable to their influence, which is why indulging in dark emotions, obsessions, and base passions increases one’s vulnerability to their occult maneuvers. If an OE also acquires sufficient etheric energy, it can then condense for itself an etheric body and inhabit the etheric environment, meaning it then establishes a localized presence near the physical plane. At that point a clairvoyant can sense its presence in a certain part of a room, for instance. And if it gathers even more energy, it may even begin affecting things physically as seen in the poltergeist phenomenon. But if the OE grows too weak, it loses its grip on physicality and delocalizes back into the astral plane. . . . 

Strong OEs have telekinetic abilities and can generate poltergeist phenomena, their strength being derived from the amount of life force energy they feed upon. They can also generate electric and magnetic anomalies that induce mild interference in electronic devices up to and including electronic voice phenomena. . . . They are opportunistic predators interested in energy feeding and spiritual control; sometimes that necessitates traumatizing a target or loading his mind with a false storyline that gets him caught up in their game. That entails intentionally producing an experience that sticks with him and preoccupies him. The only track OEs cover is their true nature, which is that they are really demons or malevolent ghosts and not ascended masters or spirit guides or members of the Ashtar Command, that their ulterior motive is food and control. In fact, many OEs make it a point to take up as much psychological space as possible in the minds of their targets, like a parasite consuming its host bite by bite, . . .

. . . OEs, on the other hand, tend to set up shop at their target locations and hang out constantly. This is called “nesting” by occultists. The OE saturates the local environment, be it a house or bedroom or part of a room, with its dark etheric energies in order to condition that region of space into something more hospitable to their fragile etheric bodies.The entity attaches its nest to walls, corners, furniture, anything that has an extension into the etheric plane and can hold an etheric charge. In this way, over time the OE builds a kind of base that allows it to stay close to the target with minimal energy loss to the environment. One example would be a nest hanging from the ceiling down toward where the target sleeps. With enough time, an entire building can become infested with OEs who thereby acquire free reign to move about within at leisure.

Instead of coming and going like aliens, OEs can be there all day every day. In cases of localized nesting, one giveaway is that one’s vital energy, dreams quality, mood, and mental coherence all improve when changing location.   For example, one correspondent who had for years dealt with tormenting voices by a particularly demonic class of OEs experienced significant relief after her apartment caught fire and she had to move to a new place.  The new home was not yet nested by the OEs, and so she was free of the for the time being.  [Note:  If an individual is a specific target of these negatives, which are often sent by people engaging in the dark arts, then they will attempt to find the person at the new location and set up a nest there.]  To go from 24/7 attention to little or no attention simply by moving a few blocks is highly uncharacteristic of alien contact, but highly suggestive of an OE presence. In addition to setting up nests, OEs also try to worm their way ever deeper into a target’s mind and soul with the goal of full possession. Then they can control the target from the astral plane regardless of where he or she travels. If they get deep enough to dislodge the spirit, then they acquire full control. 

Now, there appear to be metaphysical laws in place and instinctual defense mechanisms in human beings that prevent OEs from doing this to just anyone and everyone at any time, which is why they have to be selective in whom they choose. Prime targets include: •Those who have been spiritually weakened by heavy drug or alcohol abuse. •Those whose minds and souls have been fractured by trauma. •Those whose inborn mind-body-soul structure makes them innately prone to easily slipping into hypnagogic and hypnopompic states where OEs can more easily be perceived. •The emotionally neurotics who are easily spooked. •The psychically sensitive who are by definition more perceptive and responsive to, and thus manipulable by, the OE’s audio, visual, and kinesthetic telepathic projections.

To get around some of the metaphysical laws that bar them from more deeply exploiting their targets, OEs frequently seek the target’s permission to enter them. This can be done by way of trickery or wearing them down until they lose the will to resist. For example, it can be done through a series of manipulated dreams that make the target believe the OE is something benevolent, or it can be done directly via telepathic voice interactions where the OE simply asks “may I enter?” or “so you give us permission to enter?” or where they repeat hypnotic commands such as “let us in” until the target gives in. Another OE tactic involves dangling bait, perhaps a serendipitously induced hallucination or sensation that catches the target’s interest and piques his curiosity until he willing reaches out for whatever is at the other end of that mystery. That also amounts to giving permission. Whatever the case, if the target agrees, then protective barriers fall away and the OE rapidly gains control of the target’s biological-etheric perceptual pathways. The resulting voices, sensations, dreams, and/or visuals then work to mislead or torture the target toward spiritual destruction. . . .  OE false storylines are concocted tales filled with spiritual disinformation to achieve spiritual control, . . .  Spiritual control means disconnection of soul from divinity and the snuffing out of innocence, integrity, conscience, hope, and freewill within. . . . unchecked OE presence rapidly builds up to 24/7 activity that is incessant, pervasive, overbearing, and strongest in buildings where the target spends the most time. 

If the reader is interested in detailed information about the differences between alien contact and contact with occult entities, do an Internet search for “The Mimicry of Alien Contact by Occult (Non-Alien) Entities.”  One or the other sources will be readily available.

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